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  1. I don't care about the points but a while ago I was a prisoner and the warden was doing some dumbshit say so I went up to the office in new summer and just sat at the meeting table waiting. I told all the prisoners to come in and when they started getting them I assigned them all computers to sit at and we set up a hentai drawing service with all the prisoners who fucked off and couldn't be bothered to listen to the warden. We were all sitting there doing some retarded rp when a guard walked in and just looked at all of us sitting there, decided he didn't want anything to do with it and fucked off. Eventually the rest of the guards just came up and joined us in defiance of the warden. Story 2: Defusing an argument on jailbreak by getting everyone to gather in a circle and sing kum bah yah together and subsequently getting called a retard on the forums by @spooky KC :D for defending the day, which I responded to with a well worded rebuttal of which he did not care to read.