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  1. coming from America you've probably not heard of imperialism. That's when we Europeans imposed our culture on the rest of the world. If you look at a map of the world from before 1960 you will notice that most of it is coloured red. The red means that those countries were part of the British Empire. An Empire that imposed there way of life, economics and in many cases religion. Much of the world is Christian because the British imposed it on them. If anybody objected then they were often eliminated and during its existence the British Empire killed over 150 million people. So you see Europe has spent over 500 years imposing their culture on others. For your information I am British.

  2. Isn't the point of someone being "undercover" that nobody knows about it? And doesn't this post completely contradict the point of that...
  3. Is this a shitpost or are you looking for an actual debate here
  4. I'll un e-break up with you for that
  5. I nominate @QueenBee for jailbreak staff of the month for constantly disregarding her job so she can make my life more difficult, really top notch job she does tbh
  6. Can I be my own Valentine and receive triple the donation?
  7. I like how a blatant shitpost turned into a grammatical debate
  8. This makes me wanna die a little bit