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  1. General Information Cant Touch This Bro Channel Name: Cant Touch This Bro's Land of osu! Position in the Community: Member Reason for Channel: I'm tired of having to join some random channel when I wanna chill out and stay somewhere, rather than being in hibernation. I can sit in my channel and play & talk with my friends without having to join i.e. Moon's channel. Agreements / Terms By Accepting to these terms you agree that you have read and understand all rules of the Hearthigen TeamSpeak, and at any time that you break the rules or misuse the powers of the channel ranks. Your channel can be deleted and you may not be able to reapply for another channel for a set period of time. I Agree. By Accepting to these terms you agree that if you do not join the TeamSpeak with in 30days. That your channel will be deleted and you will have to reapply for another channel.
  2. seems lit, jb to me is getting stale, this might "spice" it up.
  3. but i made a fucking temp absence arch i was literally about to come back o k

    1. Heliuxen


      What is going on?

    2. Lil' Poof
    3. Archthious


      @Heliuxen @Lil' Poof pretty sure he's talking about 

      Anyways he came to me earlier today I told him he needs to talk to the new OSP Directors if he plans to be active again, because it's no longer my job to be in charge of officers.