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  1. Dear, Hearthigen members Let me just start by saying this: For anyone who dosen't know about my "battle" with MRSA, please check here to understand this post: https://www.hearthigen.com/forums/topic/13750/bad-news/?tab=comments#comment-119682 Alright, this post will probably be shorter but here is the last update (only had like 1 lmao) on this situation. So, if you read my other post, Mercer, my disease was in a bad state (spots all along my legs) where some spots would be pretty big. I have been taking antibiotics and recently finished them. To great appeasement, my leg, filled with ugly and contagious spots. Is now mostly healed, the "spots" now look like simple bruises on the leg and I am now extremely contented to have it mostly gone and it not be perturbed by the infection. Just wanted to let everyone know. Have a good day, DJ Daddy
  2. I agree with this completely, good staffing makes a good server. Good servers grow, which tend to make other plays move into the community, making the community grow. This is honestly bad. No need to be sorry, It's an awful setup and just a show of the creator's laziness. This could obviously be improved, but nah. Who would fix a server and put hard work into a server nobody plays on, right? Fix it, please.
  3. Assuming I am going to the place I am attempting to attend today, unfortunately, I can NOT participate. Best of luck to everyone and to the server, go Hearthigen! Best of luck, - DJ
  4. Might be hard to control claymore sensitivity with ff toggle. However, I would like it to kill either way, adds a bit more edge to rebelling.
  6. Why are prisoners in me... again?
  7. No. Nah, you're the shitbag.
  8. Thought I'd do this so people can get to know me better, and I encourage others to do this. Alright, so to start off, I was born March 9th, 2002 (Birthday 4 days ago, Friday). As of now, I am 16 and hopefully, am going to start driving soon. I am a white kid who loves to game and specifically loves games like Garry's Mod and the Lego "series." I don't know why I fell in love with the Lego games, just found them fun and simple, basic, easy. These games are most of my past time, however, usually on Saturday, I go to a local trampoline park called Skyzone (I'm sure it's in other places too) near my hometown, Lynn, Massachusetts. Besides gaming, tying in with the skyzone thing, I have an interest in flips and tricking, which grew back in 2017, where I been able to learn the basics, frontflip, backflip, and sideflip, along with some combos. For school, I go to my local high school, Lynn English High School, I'm pretty basic tbh. I found Hearthigen, in 2017 and made an account on May 18th, 2017. Soon after, I fell in love with the community and it's people and eventually joined the staff team of Jailbreak, where I still staff on and play almost every day. I will mention some people who have been with me throughout my time in the community (Yes, it's turned into one of those). @Eric - Eric Fatman @Fainter - Dude has been there for me and is amazing, still hasn't sent my mic though. .-. @littlebittykitty0103 - Qt. Also, very nice and friendly and was a great staff member (shouldn't have retired). Very funny and has always treated me with respect and care. <3 @[test]Asnue - Very nice, knows rules on JB, very good staff member, reminds me of @Scottie . @AlphaBravoCheesecake - Cool man. @A 6 Year Old - Helped me when I felt like resigning and didn't feel like staffing, helped me with achieving admin. @stallone212 Funny, nice, cool. @Heliuxen Thank you for making this community and making it thrive every day with positivity and care <3 @Ignitionz - Cuck
  9. I honestly can't understand this without the lack of punctuation or grammar. Please, if you can, fix this, I love stories.
  10. Wait, is this changing dr trivia questions, cause Nah you can't I know all of em.
  11. Thank you, on the bright side, I get little to no pain sitting, standing and walking are the red flags.