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  1. well, well, well.


    look who it is.


    i’m just joking; but hello dallas, nice 2 see you on something other than snapchat :o)

    1. NoCookies


      His name is Dallas?

  2. fruit salad



  3. fruit salad



  4. i love every second of this that was so much hecking fun
  5. hey!


    sorry for only being on tonight! i applied for a job today with my friends and went shopping for some dresses for a spring formal!


    love you all very much <3

    1. nignog1


      that’s a lie you were on teamspeak the whole time

  6. i love you

    1. damb it

      damb it

      love you too

  7. single and done with that bullshit 8)
  8. yes, of course. how could i forget the constant ring in my ear? <3 hi wife!!! long time no see!!! i hope all is well <333
  9. HELLO! it’s your favorite little girl with a temper. I’m just joking, but hello! Many of you remember me back when Hearthigen was first forming, and a ton of you are asking yourself who the fuck I am. That’s fine – I've been absent for quite some time, but I’ve decided to re-introduce myself in an effort to become more active in this community. Things have been a little rough at home, so I'm engulfing myself in the internet as a distraction & coping process. Anyways, I assume I should explain myself for the newer kids who don't remember me; I was one of the first members back when Hearthigen was formed. I left a past community for this one, thus starting my job as an admin {or whatever it was} on Jailbreak and TTT. As the community was starting to thrive and gain more members, we needed overseers to help out with the servers. I applied on the spot, and my months of experience, along with my pals wisdom & authority got me and @Imasin accepted as JB overseers. At the time, the overseer rank went straight to co-owner, so that's the story of how little old Skyy was co-owner for a while. After some time I got overwhelmed. Stuff in real life was happening which forced me to become extremely inactive in game, thus leading to my demotion & downfall. I tried to come back and become more active, but then a boy came into my life and has ruined it over many months, so I've been trying to fix myself. Enough about the past – let’s talk about myself, the present & my future on Hearthigen. I am currently without a phone for the next month. My ex-boyfriend has been antagonizing me on social media for three months now with pictures of new girls he claims he's in love with, putting hurtful comments in his Instagram biography directed towards me, getting his friends to tell me I'm a bitch and sending me hateful messages from his phone then blocking me before I can reply. It's all been really stressful, so my mum has hidden my phone for a while. I'm not really alarmed - it's good to take in the world instead of constantly staring at a screen. Other than that, I'm going to state the obvious. I am a female. Apparently, it’s not obvious since literally everyone called me a male on TeamSpeak yesterday. *cough cough* But life goes on. So yes, I'm a girl. I'm in Junior High and I am currently focusing on soccer & life. I'm on one traveling club team year-round, and in the fall I am on one school team and one other club team. I’ve been playing soccer since kindergarten and I still don't think I'm very much good. My main position is center-defense but my new coach has been putting me at forward a lot. Many of my team-mates are hella' fun, but there are some who think they're too popular for us & try their best to distance themselves from the rest of the team. They’re not as fun. As for life, I said earlier I’ve been trying to fix myself, and I still am. I see three counselors a week, I’m on anti-depressants and I’ve been trying to do more things with my life & enjoy it. I’ve been trying to teach others to embrace the little things in life, like leaves or rain & hippie like that, but it's extremely hypocritical of me since I’ve just been a depressed lump with no motivation. But hey! It’ll get better. I currently have two houses. My main one in a state I will not disclose and my other one in the southern part of New York. My mum and I live here, and my father lives over there for a job he snatched when he was let go from his company last year. My parents aren’t divorced, so they’ve been thinking of moving over there, however, I don't want to. I have a good social standing in my school, which is climbing, and I don't want to loose the people that I genuinely care about as they do me. But on the other hand, I want to get away from the drama my ex-boyfriend has created & I want to see what life is like in the big apple. We'll see what happens with that. OTHER THAN THAT, The reason I’ve started to be a tad bit more active here is because I’ve really missed it. I don’t think a day has gone by where I've missed being yelled at by Heliuxen or made fun of by Moon or joked about watching “Another” with Armegardeon. There are memories here that I truly will not forget, and they’ve been the highlights of my life. I plan to become more active so I can apply for TTT and mess around with my pals again. I know I've said "I plan to be more active" a lot in the past, and I know I'm indecisive and annoying, but I really hope I'll be able to stay this time so I can meet the people that have worked hard on this community while I've been gone. I've already met a few, but I hope to befriend all of you once again. Another topic I want to discuss is how I was in the past. I was looking through some of my posts from myself at an earlier point in the community and I am s o s o r r y I was really immature & young and I really do apologize if I annoyed anyone at anytime. I can promise you I've cooled down and I'm a bit wiser than I was before. I'm really embarrassed by some of the weird I've said and I hope you guys can give me a new chance with my older persona. I'm a lot cooler now Anyways, I hope I can be a bit more active in this community & I pray to god I’ll meet you all and know your name by voice. Thank You!
  10. hey there



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    2. KiNG


      You guys are meant for each other.

    3. Derrick


      Time to update the ship list again!


      NoCookies x Cookies

      Derrick x Derrick

      Skyy x Skydive

    4. KiNG


      @Derrick Don't forget to add


      KC x Rose K

  11. oh hey again!!!


    it’s skiii!!! just stopping by to say hello. things have been rough here in skiii world so i hope everything has been well in my foster home!!!


    i miss you all like absolute hell. don’t have too much fun without me, now. heh. c;

    1. ForgetfulCat


      SKiiiiiiiiii!!!! :D

    2. Savage


      HI SKyyyyy

  12. henlo


    i'm that girl no one remembers r.i.p.

    1. Silverad


      Humm We Can't Forgive u ^^ 

    2. Heliuxen



      Pretty sure silverad meant forget lol