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  1. One of the creater is actually a good friend of mine for the round alert (also Tom created new summer)
  2. 1- waffles are a ton better. Jk my favorite person, I was the person who actually referred you. 1+
  3. We didn't dig, they showed us it, and we betrayed them
  4. So, I have a suggestion, I am really poor, so I need a way to get a confetti gun, so make it possible to trade premium points. @Heliuxen
  5. This post should be burned and should never be mentioned again.
  6. Gambling

    Ive wasted over 200k, but half of it was on bork
  7. And this children, is how I got aids
  8. Top 10 anime betrayals
  9. Well...

    I'm very disappointed, I wanted to see PJ's abs
  10. who is that handsome man in the top left?
  11. Easter

    What are you guys doing for Easter?
  12. Lmao this is the dumbest shit
  13. Heli said in the meeting that he was borks father.