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  1. I feel we can do multiple events. maybe rsvp for a comp game or maybe a cheeky competition for being on a team. or we can also get the five and do a strat roulette.
  2. Yo. It's been a while since I've seen you on JB. Message me when you can.
    1. tster2011


      Saw him yesterday on TS was having computer problems is going to come active again
    2. Jaxon


      Sorry I have been playing other games and for some reason jb was not working too ewll with my new pc for some reason. Im not too active in the ts or forums anymore solely because im just intimidated by the new peeps i dont know. Not alot of people in ts play the games i like to play
  3. [QUOTE="DJ Kleiner, post: 16677, member: 587"]What console? I have it on Xbox One.[/QUOTE] Pc master race
  4. I recently just purchased bf4 and i wanna know if anyone has it and wants to play.
  5. If it is a ftb server what modpck will the server be on?
  6. Hello everyone, Jaxon here and I am here to state that I have returned from my extended absence. As some of you have known my old laptop was a very crappy and slow one that just up and died. I left for some time due to this lack of a computer but now I am back, bigger, and higher(fps). I still have to download most of my games back and transfer them through my usb. I hope to be up and fully operational by next week (due to slow internet and strict internet usage hours instated by parents). I hope to see you all soon and I am happy to be back and see my extended family once again. Sincerely, Jaxon. P.S. heli gimme da cummies
  8. Happy Birthday Jaxon
  9. Thanks for donating to the server!
  10. As some of you have realised that i have not been active on the server on steam or just on the internet in general. This is due to my computers gradual decrease in speed and processing power and the ramifications of slow internet. I dont know for sure how long my departure would be but i dont think longer than two or so weeks until i save up to buy my final pc parts. I have been preparing for the moment my laptop would "die" by trying to buy all of my new pcs parts as fast as i can. I only have 2 parts remaining with a sum of 227$ left to save up. Im sorry for my unexpected leave and will come back ASAP. With Love, Jaxon
  11. Welcome to the forums Jaxon. Not late at all or anything.
  12. I suggest making the top overlay with the home and forums and such smaller because i think its too big for what it is.
  13. [QUOTE="Neji, post: 2698, member: 26"]I'm MGE anyone else near my rank?[/QUOTE] I am
  14. [QUOTE="ShameOnTurtles, post: 2691, member: 17"]Sure, I'll join. This could be cool.[/QUOTE] Leave you steam link for me to add you and chat
  15. I was thinking of assembling a Counter Strike Global Offensive competitive team. Currently my computer is a piece of crap so I cant really run many other games and games like Gmod and such dont interest me. Due to this hardware issue and disinterest I have become ok at the game. I am currently looking for people who would be willing to join. All ranks are allowed to "try out". I use try out in quotation marks because in this very early stage of this team, the team won't be very competitive in the beginning due to it's a new idea in Hearthigen but more like it will be a group of friends who are in love with cs go. If you are interested or have any questions or comments leave a reply here or you can talk to me personally by poking me in the teamspeak server. When leaving a reply HERE be sure to add you steam link id so I can add you and we may discuss. With love, Jaxon.