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  1. Can we get a simplistic theme with a light and dark variation?
  2. CS:GO Server. Maybe either surf, bhop or AWP Deathmatch. All 3 are popular enough to gain traction in.
  3. Thanks guys!
  4. [QUOTE="Flwuffy, post: 25361, member: 499"]Hello[/QUOTE] Never noticed the dog was in a bunch of marijuana LOL.
  5. Important

    [QUOTE="[TWE] The Warden's Ex, post: 25362, member: 606"]Alright I'll try it tomorrow. But does the client actually have the ability to affect the server :\[/QUOTE] The DR one is most likely the server. Also yes it does, there are hacks that have serverside noclip for example. Anything clientside that has access to something serverside is most likely bad and I reccomend a malware check too.
  6. [QUOTE="Nova, post: 25359, member: 356"][FONT=Comic Sans][SIZE=6][COLOR=#00ffff]I thought the title said, "I'm black".[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/QUOTE] LOL
  7. Important

    The wubinator beams are a common glitch. I enjoy the wubinator one :D. You sort of just run around the map when dead pretending your beaming people ;)! Anyways, have you reinstalled Gmod? You'll have to reinstall your addons which Gmod does automatically but it takes a while if you have a lot. If not I'm not sure. Hope it gets better!
  8. Thanks man :D!
  9. Well... I'm back, most people probably don't know I was away. Heres why I was absent. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Alright so this happened because one day my computer gained issues. No reason whatsoever I didn't do anything that could've arisen these issues. It ended up bluescreening which sadly and unfortunatley is a normal thing with my computer as it happens around every 4-6 months (Even though it lasted one year.) and that was just something I happened to be used to. Now it was about April 23rd where this bluescreened. Then it bluescreened ontop of a bluescreen then crashed. After that I got it working. Then it did the same thing, but then it wouldn't work no matter what I tried. I had all of my files that were SO important to me. Family photos .etc. But they're gone. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ I ended up trying to fix it. Taking out the battery, different options, asking people .etc, so which I soon realized it wasn't fixable. I had a spare black Acer computer at hand. I tried that but I soon realized it didn't have a graphics card or driver with it. And it couldn't connect to the internet. These are all of course problems with it too in which I can't fix without spending a few $100 on luck and chance. So now I'm on a different computer. A desktop. It has errors with it too but it allows me to continue to play on Hearthigen's servers. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Now I can't be on for certain or many hours now because of this computer. It's not mine, it's somebody elses. I'm back and HOPEFULLY I am here to stay! -Kyle, SP4TRA, Shadowman560 P.S I just got suspended from school for asking a group of people if it was a gangbang or circlejerk LOL, I'm a fucking idiot lol.
  10. Important

  11. Important

  12. RIP my art lol. Gj to the person who made #1.
  13. Yeah 20 had a bevel.
  14. Important

    Did you make those flames yourself? They look cool.
  15. Important

    Yay more designs... Gg. You know the drill. If used contact and I'll give transparent ones. Attempt #3 Attempt #4