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  1. 45k - Bronze 55k - Silver 65k - Gold 75k - Platnium 85k - titanium 95k - Diamond 105k - GPatron you get this amount of points on jailbreak every 2 weeks
  2. ill bid heliuxen , the servers, the teamspeak, the forums
  3. 0iqf9i0jkq3f9ij0f1202rf-2rfevi0jq3f0j3vqvq3hnqv$
  4. I nominate @Pat for bhopper of the month because he loves bhoping and I would have to say he is the second best bhopper in the community.
  5. We have some austrialian staff that get on late at night like loud j and simo
  6. +1 reasons stated to the left

  7. bayonet- Damacus Steel, karambit- Rust Coat and m9 Bayonet- Case Hardened Steam is:STEAM_0:1:57753712
  8. Happy birthday!