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  1. rifleman is already in the game
  2. get on ts to debate this @KiNG
  3. Flying Fladoodle, you really stroodle my noodles. :3 XD

  4. Hey dude. I don't have permissions to even move to my channel on ts 3... I don't want my channel to be deleted, so can ya please help me out? Thanks! :4_joy:

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    2. MushyBanana


      No I do not. Right now I have the NEW rank. 

      Anti Social*

    3. Flying Fladoodle

      Flying Fladoodle

      I can’t do help you right now because I’m not home and my phone account does not have overlord or at advisory, so your best bet is to contact another advisory member or Scot, to help you, unless I get my rank.

    4. MushyBanana


      I get this message when I try to join: channel maxfamily reached