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  1. If you are a donator please comment your steam Id's below. This will help with distrubution of donator points on the server.
  2. I will give it to you in game
  3. Hey Long Time No See How Have You Been Doing!

    1. Flying Fladoodle

      Flying Fladoodle

      great, how about you?

  4. Great OSP trainer, helped me a lot in training and explained everything. <3 

  5. Happy birthday my nigga!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Happy birthday 

  7. Happy birthday my fladoodly friend!

  8. +1 Definitely fit for the position, Has Previous expirence of being a Leader in Hearthigen, Would do a great job working with jack.
  9. +1 reasons stated to the left

  10. +1 I think he will make a great deathrun overseer, he has given some great ideas to change deathrun for the good
  11. if you are looking to apply for regular jailbreak staff and not overseer, this is not the application for it.