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  1. Don't forget that you are special and needed in this community, Even if it feels like if you left no one would notice, trust me, some would!
  2. loading screen!
  3. i think these ideas are really good, it allows other staff that are under pressure, i.e. the overseers to have some relief as they have so much things to do and also their rank outside of overseer, like my brother he is overseer and master ambassador which mean he has to watch over the server and its players and staff but also manage all the punishments and bans and all this other stuff, it creates a massive workload and i feel as though these positions can 1. help out others and allow them to be more productive in what they need to do and 2. allow others to connect with other people and form a relationship because within the jailbreak server whilst I'm playing it seems as though there isn't that much connection and unity between the jailbreak staff and i think these positions would be a great thing to add to it. Not blowing my own horn but i think i would be perfect for the jailbreak advisor role as i like making sure everyone is having a good time and if there is any issues then resolving them because everyone even the members need to be okay and need to be shown that they are welcomed to the family, i can also assist marko, my brother and nova as i am trying to help them out as much as i can especially my brother as he hasn't been able to get on I've been trying to do some things that he would need to do but he can't because he isn't able to get on. all in all these are some great ideas @Heliuxen i like your work
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      Dont xorrct meh twiigerd
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    [USER=1]@Heliuxen[/USER] [USER=7]@ForgetfulCat[/USER] [USER=8]@kanalumaddela[/USER] [USER=25]@Moon[/USER]
  6. Discussion

    was just wondering when the Jailbreak ranks will be fixed? its been a while since it was decided that there would no longer be head admin or head mod and Lieutenant would be taking the spot of head admin, was just wondering when this was going to be done?
  7. Important

    [QUOTE="xXicebaitXx, post: 24099, member: 484"]I have a question do you have to be Australian to join?[/QUOTE] you must know the australian anthem ;) [USER=594]@Penoos[/USER]
  8. Important

    already Aussie so i am in
  9. Do aussies have small dicks? I think they do.
  10. happpppy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
  11. Happy Birthday!
  12. Happy Birthday, Aussie. I hope you get that kangaroo you wanted.
  13. Important

    need to sort this out because as Kolor said it has been an on-going problem, i have spoke to a number of people countless times because of disrespect cut out the shit "oh I'm in team bravo we are an elite team within gmod" sit down your apart of an "elite team" on a video game think about how far that team will get you in life teaching you to disrespect staff yeah not good. So being apart of an "elite team" means jack shit when we all have family and that is Hearthigen Embassy now thats the team i want to be apart of