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  1. Can I get relationship advice from someone trustworthy?

    1. KiNG


      Seek professional help from relationship councilist.. not from a bunch of children on gaming community. Or even from family...

      But here's my advice.. go for someone ur own age. Not a minor

  2. Just read your fan fics. You’re 100% not 11. My girl used to do the same thing to people. Smh

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    2. AlphaBravoCheesecake


      Nah bro she ain’t. Unblock me on snap.

    3. KiNG


      ???? I never blocked u?


    4. Honey


      i am 11 but ok ???????


  3. It started off as a sunny day in Philadelphia. The birds were buzzing, the bees were chirping. The trees were quiet, and the people were moving. Im writing this on my cellphone, so mind the formatting. Imagine a coffee shop. A beautiful coffee shop in the middle of the city. Many people go in and get a delicious cup of coffee. Or lattes... Yesss, lattes 🤔. A man walks inside the coffee shop hazed, as if on drugs? He goes, orders his coffee and sits down at a nearby table. He tampers with his cup before taking a sip. Then another. Then, he breaks down and loses his composure. Sage is a wealthy young man. He goes to this coffee shop everyday and orders the same thing and sits on the same spot always working on something. He sees the man crying on the table adjacent to him. He decides to ask him what’s wrong. He walks over to the table. ”Hello”, Sage says, “May I sit here?”. The man nods in approval as sage takes a seat. ”My names Sage, what’s your name?”. The man hesitated before replying, “I go by The Flash, but you can call me Flashy”. Flashy had distinctive features, an impressive jaw line. And the shirt he was wearing was super tight on him. Sage couldn’t help but feel nervous about talking to him. Sage says, “What’s wrong?”. To which Flashy replied, “I told my parents I was gay and now they beat me”. ”He’s gay”, Sage thought. “Maybe I should let him stay with me.” And he asks him. Flashy blushes, “ Y-y-you would do that... for me?” Sage says,”I’d do anything for you.” While biting his upper lip. Flashy thinks to himself, is this the man I’ve been looking for? His eyes are s-so perfect. His voice makes me feel like I’m being dominated. He says,”I would love to stay with you” ———————————————————————— 3 years later... There was a LGBTQ protest and things were getting violent. A war was brewing and violet tensions between supporters and opposers. People were killing each other on both sides. Sage and Flashy were commanding the supporters. They met someone named Scotchief, who just so happened to also be gay, to supply them with weapons, ammo, and help with training. Scot had a crush on Sage but couldn’t tell him. As Sage and Flashy were happily together and had a nice little adopted Asian samurai warrior child. ———————————————————————— This was it. They had to fight for gay rights. They had everything they needed. Both teams were set to kill. Scot wanted to tell Sage how he felt before they went to war. He walked up to him and kissed him. Sage prayed to the gay god Josh and asked him for wisdom. Sage was shook. Scot said, “I’m sorry, but I love you.” Sage could barely stand stand as it is, as him and Flashy had some drinks last night. No one but them knows what happened, so you guys should ask. YES! YOU! The fellow members of the community! This a fourth wall break. You guys should ask them. For the meme. Sage said it didnt matter since they would probably die soon. And then they did it. Him and Scot. It was sweaty. Very sweaty. Meanwhile, Flashy was in another room with an old friend, Mystic. He’s had this affair for about a year and a half and kept it very well hidden. He wanted to fight alongside mystic. ———————————————————————— 50 YEARS LATER America is now a gay republic. Almost all, if not all people are fat. Thanks to the new founding fathers, Sage, Flashy, Scot, and Mystic. They won to war. All thanks to the gay god Josh. They had a 4 way relationships and it was a happy won. It led to America’s greatest years and the violence stopped, as they were gay. T H E E N D
  4. This is not the eighties don’t be silly. Now we push pills and sell heroin to Billy.
  5. Average content for me is at 2. It used to be in the forties lmao.

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      Swiss Cheese

      Did you post something every 10 minutes lol, how tf do you get your average content to 40 

    2. AlphaBravoCheesecake