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  1. coming from America you've probably not heard of imperialism. That's when we Europeans imposed our culture on the rest of the world. If you look at a map of the world from before 1960 you will notice that most of it is coloured red. The red means that those countries were part of the British Empire. An Empire that imposed there way of life, economics and in many cases religion. Much of the world is Christian because the British imposed it on them. If anybody objected then they were often eliminated and during its existence the British Empire killed over 150 million people. So you see Europe has spent over 500 years imposing their culture on others. For your information I am British.

  2. What's up? Surgery went ok?

    1. Heliuxen


      It did not go as planned, but I am recovering. Thanks for checking on me, Alpha. Means a lot. Hope all is well with you :)

  3. billy on my left nut and tracy for my right nut. Big Poppa for the PP.
  4. I went from rags from to riches, I bagged the bitches that gave me the straight face.

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    2. AlphaBravoCheesecake


      I was a savage to you
      I had to give up and put all my hoes to the side
      I swear if I ever left you in the cold
      It's cause it was colder inside
      Look here, I swear if you ever try to leave me alone
      I hope you don't turn to a thot
      Most of the niggas that call me only hit my phone
      Because I get money a lot

    3. Tiny Crzshes

      Tiny Crzshes

      you must get a doctor to remove the mega gay

    4. AlphaBravoCheesecake


      I be the one with the throne
      You say you gon' take it but nigga we know that's a lie
      Even before we was on
      The money was long and we used to fuck up the spot
      Bitches was singing my song
      I knew I was on, right when I bust down a watch
      Niggas was hating before and they hate on me now
      But don't know what to say to me now

  5. I think the reason "disagree" got removed was because it caused a lot of drama when people mass disagreed a profile causing peoples rep points to go down.
  6. I heard that Irish people don't like tuberculosis. 

    1. lent Alucard

      lent Alucard

      Is there anybody who does?

    2. Pat


      I eat ass


  7. You guys have a horrible immune system.
  8. I love your humor.