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  1. lucky if the color still looks good in a year or two. nice though.
  2. is it your own art...? otherwise it looks good.
  3. wow what a great totally fool proof idea btw trump is a retard just as a person. he's barely articulate about anything he says. won't catch me out here agreeing with "big if true" policies ;(
  4. Yeah nevermind. You're a snake who only seeks out what benefits you most. Not forgiven.
  5. I really hate when people say this - not just in Hearthigen (although it's really common???) but about any gmod community. That's just...unhealthy. Anyway, I forgive u even tho I'm MIA 🙂
  6. Thanks for clarifying what I already knew
  7. Everything James said is true lmao Also, people who are used to 60-100 FPS (or more) will definitely feel the difference when playing at 30-45 FPS. It is annoying and feels super shitty to play at, so when people who are used to those settings judge 45-ish FPS it's usually very biased. I dealt with 20 FPS for many years and I know that it was acceptable, not great but bearable. Don't be afraid to go for an affordable mid-range computer; computer elitists are the worst.
  8. 1050 will do you fine @NessPKfreeze, I have a 1060 right now and have never struggled with any game. GPUs are ass rn though because of the crypocurrency mining shit. If you can spot a deal take it. I spent $1300 on my computer with an i7 6700K, 16 GB RAM, 1060 6GB GPU, 1 TB hard drive. It does just fine, just Windows and Chrome are both bloatware programs to avoid if possible :d If you're looking to play games like PUBG and Rust, you don't need specs as high as mine necessarily. 8 GB RAM, for example, will do you just fine, as will an i5 (Not familiar with AMD). Do some research and use pcpartpicker.com here's my build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/m76vQV
  9. Please and I respectfully ask this stay off my forums post and anything that I post please respect that and thank you 😊 

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