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  1. So I don't know if you guys already know but when you do a dr the guards don't get the guns.
  2. Da Fuck u Want to be Overseer of What This must be a troll
  3. It is my pleasure to come and tell you guys that there as a new movement within the Hearthigen Community today the movement is the Wow movement. This movement is when everyone just says Wow in one channel. It was also a event within the TeamSpeak that our one and only @SCOTSCHIEF had ran It would be awesome if we could get the #WowMovement trending Sincerely, Simon
  4. Just stop it at this point its harassment STOP
  5. It was funny at the time but lets all stop
  6. This This is not Fake News its All REAL 100% Real NOT FAKE NEWS
  7. This is beautiful #Heli=FunnierThanBork
  8. Good Luck Man, Hope To See You Soon Good Luck In Life And Have Fun
  9. +1 Great Person Active Mature Knows Rules Has great ideas
  10. +1 Mature Knows Rules Dedicated Has Great Ideas Active
  11. +1 I believe Walrus Master Is Fit For This Position because He has had High Position In the Ranks and we can always count on him to be there and if we need his help. He Deserves This position I believe.