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  1. May I have your reference?

  2. Wtf

    mcafee anti-virus program uses yahoo as its default, if you have mcafee there is a chance you clicked ok on a pop up that said "make yahoo your default search tool". just go into your chrome settings and change it if thats the case.
  3. see i try that and down my entire squadb
  4. but the real question is, How are all women innately born with the ability to make a towel turban?
  5. Sena best girl, kobato is too young.
  6. Bro, pre-school was lit (I think that was your map) I voted for it every time
  7. I love your humor. 

  8. Jorge

    Hi, may i please make an order for a hotdog with salsa and mayonnaise?
  9. I nominate @Miner_Terry for warden of the month because favoritism and boku no pico day I nominate @PJtrey for staff of the month because he is on JB 24/7 even during calculus class and wants to improve the server.
  10. Back during the winter holidays and on weekends I’m usually on at the dead of night (like 3-7am). Notmallly there is less players then there are spectators afk farming. Also isn’t that why we have ban request? Film the mass rdm and post it? But I do see where you’re coming from.
  11. i see what you did there
  12. this triggered my suicidal tendencies, 6/10. +1 reasons below