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  1. It happens when 2 people claim a report at the same exact time and it causes script errors.
  2. Looks pretty good to me, I'll have to take a look over the map to see if there should possibly be any other kos spots.
  3. LOL - League of Legends I have endless love for this game, been playing for 7 years, and would love to see us incorporate it into our community. Much love, -Paul J
  4. Definitely most excited about the Forum Recollection Series can't wait to read through what everyone has to say. The recording series sounds fantastic!
  5. @Heliuxen has shown me the light. You can catch me streaming this for the next few hours @ www.twitch.tv/PJtrey
  6. Most welcoming staff member! PJtrey deserves Overseer and I would love to see him at this position! Great person.

  7. Thank you for the feedback Bork! I completely understand everything you're saying, much love. <3 Thank you very very much, I appreciate the input, much love. <3
  8. Much love to you all, I appreciate all the feedback! <3
  9. Thank you for the criticism! I understand the claims are bold, as they may seem that way too many, but I hope I can put them into action, either way thank you! With caring hands, -Paul J