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  1. There is justice in the world.
  2. Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
  3. Illusions to Illusions. Tales woven by the golden truth return to illusions.
  4. You are the zero on my roulette.
    1. FatesDeath


      tell me moar =D your pain feeds my hunger XD
  5. I will not resist fate. ......After all, whenever I have tried in the past, fate has always been heartless to me.........
  6. Important

    ruining teamspeak one declaration at a time
  7. Purge please
  8. Sweet dreams, porker.
  9. Just go with the flow man just turn your brain off and chiiiiiillll
    1. FatesDeath


      if you had "automatic" thoughts you would know that they are not "turned off" like a light switch =p
    2. Sayo Yasuda

      Sayo Yasuda

      You're not chillin', man
  10. We got a burn notice on you. You're Blacklisted.
  11. Good form, Pupper.
  12. Important

    [QUOTE="GravesReborn, post: 6528, member: 263"][USER=8]@kanalumaddela[/USER] i believe that you did a great job[/QUOTE] This was a great job in the opposite direction.
  13. Important

    This is an outrage.
  14. The golden years are over.
  15. Humor

    bite because I'm starving