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  1. Saltwater is working on Sandbox, someone else is working on TTT, be respectful ❤️
  2. Its the little things in life that make you feel the worst

  3. mate you haven't been getting 50 points every 2 months, and if you have ima yell at someones dog
  4. until

    Ima be there lmao
  5. Welcome New Members! @Mainstreamm Welcome to the community, i am looking forward to talking to you all! You can talk to our Staff/Members on our teamspeak: ts.hearthigen.com -[test]Asnue (Recruitment Manager)
  6. have no idea who u are, but hi lmao
  7. When I think of something fun for the warden, I swear to god this would be the best thing in the world. The Jack-In-The-Box.... each time you press e it winds up and then after a random number of times, it springs out (you can also reset it) But you know what you can easily use this for, kinda like Russian Roulette, you keep on winding the box up and when it springs out the warden kills ya (would be an amazing day that I would always do lmao) Other then that, some fun stuff would be like the bubble gun (like the confetti gun) it would be amazing to go around a prison and just see random ass bubbles :P. Everything else that you stated are good points for both guards and prisoners, can't wait ❤️