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  1. I can't find any rule in the JB guidelines that says you can't, but that sounds like something that wouldn't be allowed
  2. Well it depends on how you prepare them, you could eat them raw and they'll be chewy and gummy, or you can cook them and then they'll be tender and savory. Its like eating a pig in a way, you can prepare the different parts in different ways to get amazing results. Unlike a pig however, people need to be prepped more so they can be eaten safely, you will need to remove all hair, nails and teeth, but those can be used for jewelry and crafts. Its time consuming, but worth it in the end.
  3. That was awesome, we need to have a giant sniper tournament or battle royal to see who is the best sniper on JB
  4. While I do agree that people want to kill the warden more then they do guards, I feel like that is because right now prisoners are rewarded more for killing the warden then if they kill guards, if you kill a guard that's just 1 less gun that can protect the warden and in most cases a skilled warden will be able to defend themselves without the guard. However if the warden dies, then the day is over and all prisoners are free so it would make more sense to suicide bomb the warden then the guards. But if this mechanic gets implemented, then 1 it would make it almost impossible to kill the warden without taking out most of the guards and 2 it would make the guards a bigger priority then the warden because you have to kill the guards before you can stand a chance against the warden. I don't believe you would need to run checks on the prisoner to guard ratio or anything like that because people will always join guard and if they don't then it'll get boring just killing the warden all the time so that shouldn't be a problem.
  5. My favorite GameCube games is Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door
  6. eBay isn't as bad as you think and you can find stuff for a lot cheaper, you just need to know who your talking to.
  7. Well I would 1st if you have the money (and the patience, you will need a lot of both) I would suggest building your own PC and use websites like eBay and Newegg to get the parts, but if you want to buy a premade PC, then I'd suggest seeing what would be best for your needs. Either way, you should research what you want and what need for your PC
  8. 1. A few months 2. Around 15-25K 3. I own 0 knives Also may I ask what is this for?
  9. Ok I love this set up and I don't really see a problem with it, I only have 1 question Whats the difference between a Justice, a Overseer and a OSP Director?
  10. Happy Birthday to Eddie Murphy who turned 57 and Cam Chancellor who became 30!! Congrats!





    oh yeah I guess its my birthday too but whatever

  11. until

    I feel bad for you if you stay in school until 5:30