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  1. Withered

    Who won the beef?

    @Proper MGK released Rap Devil on Sep 3, 2018
  2. Withered

    Who won the beef?

    But how south tho? Like McAllen south or Costa Rica south?
  3. Withered

    Who won the beef?

    MGK only made Rap Devil in the first place because he wanted the popularity. Think about it before he made his dis track nobody know who MGK was, now everybody now knows him as the guy that dissed Eminem. Even with this boost in popularity, MGK more than likely won't survive the aftermath of Killshot, especially considering what happened to those who previously tried to go against Eminem. As for their respective tracks, while MGK isn't as bad as other newer rappers and I can see why some ppl like him, he still pales in comparison to Eminem and his recent tracks.
  4. And just like that half of the community hates you still right tho
  5. Withered


    Well most series stop being good after the 3rd one (Saw) and Star Wars is, to me, 3 different series that reference each other, the original, the prequels, and the shitty Disney fan-fiction.
  6. Withered


    This is a breathtaking finale on one of the best series to ever be made, a true work of art.
  7. Dude chill, he was just saying that your entitled to your own opinion, and that you shouldn't joke about this.
  8. Withered

    Boat. 2.

    A well deserved and long awaited sequel.
  9. Withered

    Inside job?

    Why aren't we like dis