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  1. +1 Take this big *ss plus one.This guy was previous TS staff and did a good job at it!
  2. +1 Bail my nigga outta this ban.
  3. Well on Friday/Saturday I was planning to play sum Minqwaft... I mean Minecraft. but with a little twist... The walking dead mod pack. So if you want to join me at around 4 pm on TS3. (BTW I got a bunch of gear from a military supply drop so ill share some of it with you)

  4. Happy Birthday ^^

  5. Happy Birthday you little cutie

  6. birthday happy 

  7. Add meh on Xbox| Ign: Icebait

    1. chara


      Sure add me at Fry Guy 5189



  8. feedback

    lets be honest it was watching you play it like it was CS:GO and recoil (TBH it was interesting) . All you really do is aim down and spray.
  9. Finally got that sweat off my chest.

  10. Bioshock
  11. Hey bois! I'm looking for 2 other people to join (my squad) me in my adventure on the division! (Xbox 1) Just MSG this msg then msh that msg then that msg then that msg....

    1. Alucard The Warden's Ex

      Alucard The Warden's Ex

      im toobroke to afford an xbox 1 and their subscription schemes tbh