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  1. Important

    From my recent actions and events, I have demonstrated how low of a person I have became in the past month. I became an asshole to the community. The way I acted in the meeting 4/1/2016 was beyond ignorant, aggressive, and hurtful to the majority of you as well as myself. [USER=477]@Tree[/USER] Did not ask for any of the disrespect, targeting, and lack of understanding I gave him before, after, and during the meeting. All Tree was doing was following orders kitty gave him and helping out the community. I never meant for Tree to resign and leave the community. Publicly naming and shaming him (for something he didn't have anything to do with) in front of everyone at the meeting was one of the most immature things I have done. This behavior is far from exceptional for an Upper Tier Staff member and should not be allowed. I also apologize to all of the meeting attendees as I was a jerk throughout the whole meeting. I also want to make it clear that these actions were my decision and should not be reflected on Upper Tier as a whole. I embarrassed the whole Upper Tier for displaying these actions. Lastly, I want to apologize to [USER=1]@Heliuxen[/USER] and [USER=7]@ForgetfulCat[/USER] for the way I handled the situation during the aftermath of this incident. My behavior was out of line and demeaning to them.
  2. Ripperoni in Pepperoni
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      Mom's spaghetti never forgetti
  3. Discussion

    Bye no one will miss you
  4. Be there or be square... Seriously try to make it to this meeting as many of the jailbreak staff are very unclear on new rules as well as conflicting views on rules from upper tier confusing new and current staff. [RSVP=2450]Click here to RSVP[/RSVP] [URL='']Archthious[/URL] - 1 - [I]Ayy lmao, Anyways poor [USER=87]@Kana[/USER] [spoiler=Kana has some work to do] :c [/spoiler][/I] [URL='']DiversionFrenzy[/URL] - 1 - [I]I will try my best![/I] [URL='']FatesDeath[/URL] - 1 - [I]finnally[/I] [URL='']Flwuffy[/URL] - 1 - [I]You have your local fluff there.[/I] [URL='']Fuzzydomo[/URL] - 1 - [I]Rawr[/I] [URL='']LT.Kitty-Kat[/URL] - 420 - [I]Blaze it.[/I] [URL='']Nick[/URL] - 1 - [I]¯\_(ツ)_/¯[/I] [URL='']Pc1086[/URL] - 0 - [I]When was this brought up[/I] [URL='']Raging_Banana420[/URL] - 1 [URL='']SuicideBunny[/URL] - 1 - [I]I couldn't make it to the meeting due to me being on probation, if anyone can notify me on kik or whatnot that would be splendid[/I] [URL='']Tree[/URL] - 1 [URL='']tster2011[/URL] - 1 - [I]Wanting to be talking[/I] [URL='']^ (GG)Drunk ^[/URL] - 1 - [I]If I wake up at 2 in the morning I will, But I just cant be fucked.[/I] [URL='']Đerrick[/URL] - 100 - [I]Just like my math test! Well, actually it was 105%, but yeah...[/I] [URL='']✪ The Flash[/URL] - 333 - [I]Illumanti,Maybe Can U Make IT On Saturday,I May Cant Make It To Be Honest,Im Never Home Till 7:00[/I] Total: 864
  5. I may be there for 15-30 min due to my workload tonight
  6. Never contact me via steam, 9/10 I won't reply as fast as PM/Poke
  7. Discussion

    Not salty, there is a clear difference from standing on a way point that says 2m as oppose to 0m
  8. [QUOTE="Pirate Jay, post: 16935, member: 42"]I say deputy overseer a are new overssers and apps for deputy overseers come.[/QUOTE] Nice try lol
  9. Discussion

    [QUOTE="Nick, post: 16298, member: 514"]I have seen a lot of staff enforcing this magically non-existent rule that killing the warden right when the round starts is automatically declared auto-rebelling. I was going along my day, rebelled 2 rounds in a row, then my third day said "Hmm this warden is kind of a dick let me free my fellow prisoners". I was then kicked for auto-rebelling by the warden i killed, im thinking hes salty, but there may be a logical reason for why a rule that is not written down has a punishment like this.[/QUOTE] If you have a red shirt, you're rebelling lol (Killing a warden gives you a red shirt)
  10. If you are interested in becoming the next Jailbreak Overseer make an [URL='']application[/URL] ! [B][U][SIZE=6][COLOR=#ff0080]Any staff members (of any rank) that are interested are welcome to apply.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/U][/B] [B][SIZE=5][COLOR=#ffff00]Process to become Jailbreak Overseer:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B] -[B]Make an [URL='']Application[/URL][/B] -[B]Attend 1 Info-Session [U](Mandatory)[/U][/B] [LIST] [*]Saturday 3/26/2016 2pm CST [*]Saturday 3/26/2016 5pm CST [*]Friday 4/1/2016 5pm CST [*]Saturday 4/2/2016 2pm CST [/LIST] -[B]Attend the Public Jailbreak Overseer Discussion/Debate [U](If you don't make it, Good Luck...)[/U][/B] [LIST] [*]Saturday 4/2/2016 5pm CST ([U]Subject to Change)[/U] [/LIST] -[B]Attend an Advice Panel from past Jailbreak Overseers [U](Optional)[/U][/B] [LIST] [*]TBD [/LIST] [SIZE=5][COLOR=#ffff00][B]Final Deliberation for Overseer Structure:[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE] 50% of Decision is from percentage of communities opinion via application ([COLOR=#00ff00]+1s[/COLOR]-[COLOR=#ff0000]-1s[/COLOR]/[COLOR=#ff8000]total votes[/COLOR]) 30% of Decision is from the Average Score Judges give ([COLOR=#0080ff]score[/COLOR]/[COLOR=#ff8000]10[/COLOR] *10) 10% of Decision is from just attending 1 information session 5% of Decision is from Top Tier's Approval Rating ([COLOR=#00ff00]total yes[/COLOR]/[COLOR=#ff8000]total vote[/COLOR]) 5% of Decision is from creating an Application [COLOR=#99ff99]+2.5% for attending Optional Advice Panel[/COLOR]
  11. is D_Cheese the only one that can train me for forum officer? I can't use TS because it' s broken for me also. Maybe if we could do it over steam if you train.
  12. touching and facing means you can do both
  13. I'll do Auditor training at 8:00 pm California time tonight, thanks.
  14. Suggestion

    [QUOTE="Nova, post: 15174, member: 356"][FONT=Comic Sans][SIZE=6][COLOR=#ffffff]I honestly want to see more opinions about this... I don't think it should be allowed because it's really salty.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/QUOTE] Not Salty at all, its no different than "first person to evac doors/last person to this waypoint/etc...", this is a common command for rounds with 2:50 time and 3-7 prisoners alive competing for lr. What the main problem is, is that it was used for 12 prisoners at beginning of round.That is just mean (not salty).