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  1. Oh Peeta day was also pretty killer
  2. STEAM_0:1:89265966 Story: It's 12 am and my room is filled with an unusual noise. It sounds somewhat like a mid 40s Indian man, but this time it isn't. It's Eggsident's Indian appreciation day. Never have I heard Louder Indian impression mic spam from any group of people before. It was life changing; we addressed stereotypes and Indian problems in the strangest way possible, through memeing them. My life has forever been changed by Indian appreciation day and I thank God Egg is as talented as he is. SHOW BOBS
  3. Can we name him official server artist yet?
  4. That sounds like a great idea for a server! I’ve never heard of CartelRP before, but I could definitely see that being fun
  5. Im not Deport haha
  6. I think a PoliceRP server would be a GREAT idea. I know personally that I used to run on PoliceRP before I started playing JB, and It's one of my favorite game modes. I'd love to be able to play it on a Hearth Server with you guys.
  7. Songs

    I'm not usually a huge reggae person, but Could You Be Loved by Bob Marley is a nice song to get down to
  8. Just wanna say I appreciate y’all! Have a great night <3
  9. Confirmed: Weebs DO listen to this on repeat. It is our cultural song. All hail our God Avril Lavigne
  10. Hope y'all's weeks get better! <3
  11. Gambling

    I'm setting up a hotline rn to stop people from Gambling every point they own away. 1-800-GET-HELP
  12. Gambling

    PLEASE HELP me end my gambling addiction I’ve lost 60k+ already and I think i have a problem