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  1. Honestly the chance to change maps would be awesome. Construct gets boring sometimes, and even though there aren’t many sandbox maps to choose from that I know, it would be nice to have a change of scenery sometimes. I think the map more than anything is what cause Sandbox to become stale.
  2. Im so stoked for this. Seriously gonna be so much fun
  3. Well I’m proud of u looks great my man
  4. New update is awesome Heli. I love the new themes and whoever did all the work on it did a great job
  5. I love this idea. Gotta get someone who knows how to make maps though
  6. This is definitely an interesting idea, but I think trading is perfect the way it is now! Maybe adding marketplace and keeping the trading we have now would be perfect.
  7. until

    Thanks ❤️
  8. I gotta second the new maps thing. I feel like new maps would definitely spice things up because rn everyone only picks blackops, sand, VIPinthemix, and New Summer of course. The other maps are basically throwaways because they’re kinda boring
  9. Wow. Sounds perfect honestly. Can’t wait to see the update!!
  10. until

    Could someone record it as well? I may miss bits and pieces because eating and cooking with fam
  11. Love u all hope you’re having great nights!! Gn ❤️

    1. Heliuxen


      Hope you are, too!

  12. Hell yeah!! Super kind dude, respectful, mature, and fun to be around BIG +1
  13. You make a solid point there.
  14. Well It's kinda like Jeopardy day when the prisoner chooses someone to kill.. only except the warden is choosing