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  1. Rona

    Who won the beef?

    I’m from New Orleans my guy lol I’m not on some Alabama shit there’s a difference
  2. Rona

    Who won the beef?

    Just because I’m from the South doesn’t mean I’m a hillbilly u gay bitch
  3. Rona

    Who won the beef?

    Tbh who the fuck cares they’re both ass and did it for clout 🤷‍♂️
  4. You’re a fuckin psychopath lol
  5. Im not talking about silverad lol, mystic was getting on Sage because Sage said he believed bush did it
  6. Bruh if you honestly get mad because someone is saying it might of been conspiracy gtf
  7. Says the one who was high as a kite on TS last night🏳️‍🌈
  8. Bro why do you shit on literally everyone for inactivity people have lives to live too lul
  9. All you’ve missed is that Coriander exists now