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  1. There was never a "Soft J" Also if you hate my accent then I cannot help that. Guess you are just going to have to put up with it if we are on the server at the same time 😛 Also your name Grief does sound somewhat familiar however the only thing I get from that name is a bad feeling. IDK why, cannot remember anything bad that you have done. But I do know I have seen you on the server a ages ago. well my mind has stopped working. So I think I have it much worse than you do 😛
  2. Things change over time. Sometimes for good or for worse. That includes this community. People come and people go. You may not know most people here. But the way I see it strangers are friends who you don't know yet. Sure there are jerks but you don't know where they come from, where they have been, their experiences, or even how they were raised as kids. But you don't have to be friends with everyone if you don't want to. You may not know a lot of people in this community who are active. But you can always get to know more people and make more friends. TBH I was one of the most popular in this community and knew a lot of people. Probably the reason why I do not remember who you are, unless you use to go by a different name from your forum name.
  3. is singapore real? everything feels unreal to me :thonk:

    1. Loud J

      Loud J

      you know what? everything is fake.

  4. I have been playing on a DarkRP server (not gonna say which one cause of advertising rules.) and I like the gamemode. Unfortunately the DarkRP server in this community is basically dead. Or at least in my timezone it is. I would become overseer to try and revive it but I just know how to be a staff, not be an overseer. I know the overseers do a lot more than just keep track of staff and enforce the rules (as well as abuse in a fun way sometimes) Unfortunately I feel like I am only good for 1 thing and that is staffing.


    So I have 2 options:

    1. Try and be an Overseer for DarkRP and revive the server
    2. join a different community with an active DarkRP server

    We all know which one is easier. But through this community I have met some amazing people like Heliuxen and Alexander Hamilton. (I would list more but I might forget to mention someone.) and I love this community. The best part about this community is how dedicated Heliuxen is to it. But not just that. The staff that are dedicated to this community.


    Although option 2 is easiest, I am still considering option 1. Who knows I might meet some more amazing people if I am able to manage it. But for now I am just considering these options.


    I will also admit I do not know the DarkRP rules.... But I can always learn them. Also how many rules are just common sense? And as a staff you should always do whats best for the server. Even if it means breaking a rule or two (thats just my opinion.... Then again when I first became staff for JB I was one of the best so that says something 😛)


    As for JB, I do not have any plans to return as staff anytime soon. Although that maybe different in the future.

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    2. stoneystone662


      And Yes You Forgot to mention me you kangaroo fuck


    3. Loud J

      Loud J

      I did not forget to mention anyone as I stated I would list more but I don't want to forget anyone. So I deliberately left you out. 😛 

    4. stoneystone662


      whatever 💔