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  1. Well I did not want to post this on my app as it was irrelevant. (because its like why I want to resign) For those who have not heard yet I have resigned. I am not sure if I will come back. so this is goodbye for now. I want to thank everyone in this community especially those who continue to work hard to keep it great. I have had the pleasure of meeting many different people through this community. All in all I loved spending time here. Do not be afraid to message me on steam if you want to stay in touch. Also I will be on TS sometimes to chat to some of my friends within the community. But for now this is goodbye.

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    2. AlphaBravoCheesecake


      Can I show everyone what you said?


    3. Tiny Monklynn

      Tiny Monklynn

      I'll miss you man, hopefully you go on and become happy with what you do,

    4. eastertide Alucard

      eastertide Alucard

      All the best in your future endeavours, Hearthigen's doors will always be open for you!!11!1111 :^) 

  2. Wassup wit you my nigga