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  1. Hey. I haven't seen you in a while. Let me know if everything is alright where you are.
  2. happy birthday bro!
  3. Congratulations on Officer Magic!
    1. Mr.MagicMan


      Thanks man!! :D
  4. will u marry me k thanks i own you now bye
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    2. Mr.MagicMan


      You just reassured me of what I always thought of myself as.
    3. Skyy


      You always thought you were a rock and a string? xD
    4. Mr.MagicMan


      No, I always thought I was worth a rock and a string.
  5. Hey! I'm going to be playing on the JailBreak server literally everyday. Fucking love Hearthigen.
    1. Pirate Jay

      Pirate Jay

      Good to Hear
  6. Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay! Dont hesitate to message a forum staff member if you have any questions or conserns. To apply for member please look at this. Also join our TeamSpeak @
    1. Mr.MagicMan


      I've applied for member already, have a look :D
    2. Pirate Jay

      Pirate Jay

      I +1'd it!