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  1. Same
  2. Important

    Wow I wonder how you came up with this idea What happened to the karaoke contest
  3. where did your rank go?!
    1. Pc1086


      Pretty sure someone took it
    2. Killer Memestar

      Killer Memestar

      all about that STATUS and RANKING here in Hearthigen Embassy, where your sparks turn to colorful ranks that mean stuff.
  4. Congratz on officer
    1. Based Sloth

      Based Sloth

      Who is LJthegay?
  5. Too much "HYPE" (cocaine)
  6. Double posterino BOI [QUOTE="Zorak Mantis, post: 20219, member: 95"]well you missed me pretending to be a user named techdeckfreak36[/QUOTE]
  7. Introduction

    [QUOTE="Katnip, post: 20061, member: 588"]Riiiiiiight[/QUOTE] AHHAHAH SIICK BURN
  8. Why would we have a meeting in a locked server Under the Meeting/Departments section In the "Meeting at 6:00pm" channel
  9. [FONT=Sancreek][SIZE=6]Where else? On Teamspeak[/SIZE][/FONT]
  10. I'd say it but it would start drama (• ε •)
  11. Don't even know if I should go...
  12. Discussion

    [QUOTE="The Gaming Chinchilla, post: 19335, member: 158"]it doesn't explicitly say any days that force prisoners to rebel are not allowed[/QUOTE] XD if it's the warden doing those days then.... ever heard of War day or Hunger games Those aren't allowed