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  1. Good God I leave and peeps be bouncin'
  2. Kind of wish it was different than it was. Than before.
  3. And her hair! Greasy and unkept as the rest of her. But she had her ducks in a row. She knew.
  4. Remember the infamous cock and balls situation? She'd never let *that* one go:
  5. Kind of saw it coming. I mean it was pretty shitty. And with another slut no less.
  6. Maybe that's why she left. ... Mother
  7. My old brittle bones. Already a year older than I was and I still can't muster up the courage to eat a dick.
  8. Do you think they know?
  9. My YouTube channel is garbage. How do I make it more garbage.'
  10. jesus why the fuck am I still here/
    1. Alucard The Warden's Ex

      Alucard The Warden's Ex

      Error 404: Life not found.
  11. Why hate poo when poo do you?
  12. https://youtu.be/-ISyQsviyvM Whoops
  13. Ready to smash my feelings into oblivion
  14. Jesus Christ bunch of 10 year olds ffs