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  1. From what I see atm it's just @Daddidud and @CrypticMadMan Keep in mind patience is key but I'm sure once OSP is sorted out since Savage retired from it, You'll be fine.
  2. Happy Birthday, Arch 🎉🎊🎂🎈🎁

  3. Happy Birthday Arch ^^ I Hope You Have A Good Day !

  4. Happy birthday, Archthious.


    1 more year 'til you can take two number nines.

  5. Happy Birthday and don't forget to have fun with those sakura games ;)

  6. noclickebait

    Okay bud you think that's one of the most popular kits? Because sadly you're not even touching the surface of that most popular kits in Dota, Sadly Drow Ranger isn't a very good "Adc" carry in dota, If you think that's op then what's your thoughts on a guy named Slark, His Q makes him do dmg to himself but at the same time, he purges all debuffs that he gets during the time it does dmg to him and all the current debuffs he has. His w lets him leesh you to the ground where you can't run away from him for a little bit, you're forced to either fight or wait until it's over. his e is a passive that makes it so each time he attacks you he steals 1 of each of your attributes and gets agility for each attribute he steals from you, His R (ult) gives him a passive that makes it so long as he's not seen he gets bonus move speed, and a %hp regen per second while out of sight. and then when you active it, you get to be in a cloud that you can't be attacked in but you can attack them and during it your also out of sight so you get your passive regen+movespeed from it. I was comparing Drow Ranger to Ashe because they are basically the same thing, Not because she's "popular" I asked a simple question, Who's better Drow Ranger or Ashe? That's it.
  7. noclickebait

    Okay guys I see there is a lot of controversy going on here I just need to know who is better, Ashe or Drow Ranger? This is very serious guys.
  8. So guys I play Dota 2 and League of Lesbians as most of you probably know and I was wondering so like on Dota I play this gril named Drow Ranger and like her q modify's her auto attack to slow people but it cost mana, Her w knock backs people and silences them for a little bit, her e is an global aura passive that lets her do more dmg based on her agility and gives that aura to all range heros on her team, and her r is another passive but this one gives her base agility and is only in effect when no enemy heros are within a small radius of her, so pretty much as long as no melee heros are attacking her she gets bonus agility that goes well with her e passive so like that's pretty good Then like on League of Lesbians there is this gril named Ashe and like her q makes it so you can only use it after attacking 4 times in arow and then when you use it you like get bonus attack speed for a little bit and 1 auto attack now turns into like 5 or some , then you got your w that fires some arrows in like a cone formation at the targeted direction that also includes her passive in which her auto attacks and those arrows apply a slow effect to champions, Then you got like her e which has like 2 charges on it and you can send it to get vision of an area and it's global which seems pretty good, then like you got her r which fires a big ass arrow towards your target direction and it's got global range, if it hits an enemy it does some dmg and stuns them. My point is anyways guys, Which is better Drow Ranger or Ashe?