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  1. +1, pretty chill in game
  2. Just because you were AFK last night with it isn't the only way to get it.. I myself handled them out, It's not just a 1 time thing, Be on Late at Night more then just once and you'll get it, Relax kiddo
  3. From this point forward anyone who decides to leave their Unneeded Comment on this Unban Appeal will be issued a Warning point so stop with the Unneeded Information on this application, To clear that up this is for Penguin, Justices and Watermelon to discuss, anyone else with anything not remotely related to the subject being discuss, Stop. With that said @Penguin please wait patiently while the Justice's handle this issue.
  4. update

    Applications will start showing up sometime this week, You'll know when it's up since there will be an announcement.
  5. Nice to meet you Gabriel
  6. im gonna have to -1 you for League becuase you only have 1200987657354 8805646374632666 c56738 3536783 edcx gjfdrrfgjdcxyghhuktygvvbh uygi 7b9i5b6rt 7fvu u86t7 gyfuvgh hours on Gametracker.

  7. Shoot or Don't Shoot : (A day where the warden asks the prisoner shoot or don’t shoot, and if the prisoner says shoot then the warden shoots. Similar days to the following banned days is not allowed. This includes changing the name and/or excluding/including a detail.
  8. Just fill that out and also like to thank you for Donating <3
  9. Accepted, Enjoy <3
  10. You have a spare gmod key to give away on your giveaway thread? Im looking for one and I know you have your way with keys haha

    1. Daddidud


      If u get gmod, you'll need CS: Source

    2. YourMCGeek


      I already have textures for it and everything. I even have the maps. I play Gmod sometimes but recently my friend whom Im sharing it with wants to play his new fav game and I can't play gmod since he technically owns it.

  11. Nice to meet you @Limeinator_YT later when you get a chance you should apply for Member
  12. So @Dat Kid do you have anything to say for yourself about I'll give you a day from now to leave any comments you have about that.
  13. This appeal is denied, We'll handle it on your other Appeal @
  14. @Dradaus