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  1. It was repeaditly each time he came on the server he would rdm or disrespect
  2. People know I wouldnt ban anyone without a valid reason. You've been banned almost 4 times and I had enough.. I banned you permanatley. We seriously had to count how many times we had to ban you for rdm and disrespect. You would not fucking stop.
  3. Woah woah woah woah woah, you were banned almost more than three times.. rdm was your last and it was permanant. You were definetly not "chilling" as @Cpt H Barkington as my witness you put us through hell for weeks asking me repeaditly can I be unbanned can I be unbanned it got so annoying I blocked you and I thought that was it but every single mother fucking time you came on the sever you were disrespecting someone. Having to mute or gag u every single round it drove me nuts. I swear to god i will lose it again this drove me batshit crazy. Im sorry -1 from me
  4. Adolf Master Blue is BillyBobJr
  5. Yeah it was fun but I gotta retire I have to much on my plate right now and can't find any time to get on the server I was going to try and stay for a year but I can't find the time so I just wanted to say, this was one of the best experiences I've ever had with anything really and I love you all. I'll miss you, but life goes on and so do I so uh yeah :/. I wish everyone the best and hope you all have a awesome time here. Thank you Hearthigen and Goodbye Hearthigen
  6. Where u at tho

    1. Watermelon


      Been a bit inactive cause of work sorry :/. Also Internet just came back I'm not saying I'm fully back but I'm not giving up :P

  7. This is flwuffy confirmed 

    1. chara


      No its a Lil' Poof