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  1. Yeah it was fun but I gotta retire I have to much on my plate right now and can't find any time to get on the server I was going to try and stay for a year but I can't find the time so I just wanted to say, this was one of the best experiences I've ever had with anything really and I love you all. I'll miss you, but life goes on and so do I so uh yeah :/. I wish everyone the best and hope you all have a awesome time here. Thank you Hearthigen and Goodbye Hearthigen
  2. Where u at tho

    1. Watermelon


      Been a bit inactive cause of work sorry :/. Also Internet just came back I'm not saying I'm fully back but I'm not giving up :P

  3. This is flwuffy confirmed 

    1. chara


      No its a Lil' Poof



  4. Love you bro <3

  5. Nothing is on my mind

    1. Brandon


      I'm on your mind.

    2. Watermelon


      I feel powerful now

  6. I messed up your stream by assuming your gender and I wans't in here
  7. Hey man.. *Unfollows* *Get's followed by ForgetfulCat* *Plays it cool and follows back* *Gets unfollowed by forgetfulcat* I got meme'd on
  8. Hey my name is Brandon764 but most people call me Brandon, I see that you just recently joined the forums, Feel free to introduce yourself to the community @ https://goo.gl/lcGVrt You can also talk with us on teamspeak @ ts.hearthigen.com If you would like to apply to be a member in this wonderful community check out this guide @ https://goo.gl/X4uH8k Also if you need help with anything feel free to ask.
    1. Watermelon


      Thanks dude I'm not a member yet but I'm gonna apply for staff :D
  9. Uh. Ok? Wanna fite?
    1. Lil' Poof
    2. Watermelon


      You talking shit? You talking shit?? I'll get my mama on you
    3. Watermelon


      Then she gonna duk you up real bad then imma get my daddy to duck you up yoou heard me. Im part of the L.K.T.S.G.M.K Little Kids Talking shit get murked Klan
  10. Thank you kanal. But you're still gonna catch these hands
  11. Discussion

    rekt fool
  12. Discussion

    You got me dude I gotta get you back I'll try and get a certain someone, to tell them you like that certain person
  13. Discussion

    The commendation system is used for staff members who are doing good don't use it for stupid reasons you don't have to listen to me but.... You will most likely hear it from someone else.