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  1. Don't forget that you are special and needed in this community, Even if it feels like if you left no one would notice, trust me, some would!
  2. I messaged you on July 26th, it is now August 11th. It'd be great if you could reply.
    1. DJ Kleiner

      DJ Kleiner

      Hey thank you Forgetful! I wasn't saying you did anything wrong I was just trying to reach you and wanted to sound serious haha.
  3. Going to be gone for like 8 weeks on summer break having a life so love you all and dont die
    1. [TWM] Foínix

      [TWM] Foínix

      have a good time :)
  4. Hey can I be registered as a retired staff. I am leaving to my dads this summer but I would like to come back after.
  5. Have a nice day! ^ ^
  6. Introduction

    [USER=28]@Connor in Da UK[/USER] fite me
  7. Introduction

    This sounds like a merge to me.
  8. Discussion

    Yes add me daddy
  9. [QUOTE="xXFilesXx, post: 23999, member: 330"]Me. I talked to Nick and he said it was ok[/QUOTE] Alright cool
  10. Who is hosting this event?
  11. [QUOTE="Kalm Jazz, post: 23471, member: 901"]well fuck me up my dicky urethra and call me Shirley Temple, i woke up just now and thought this was taking place 4 p.m. MY time i'm so bummed, can you do another event like this? i feel sad missing out after getting myself all hyped to be a commentator[/QUOTE] Oh for sure dude. Next week we will have a new event and I'm sure we can let you do something. Im sorry you missed it ;-;
  12. Thank you all who came to the tournament! It was the second official event after the department came to be and I would say it was a success. We had about 10 participants and 15 people or so on and off who came. Here is the bracket. [IMG][/IMG] [CENTER] The game that Asriel won was [SIZE=7][COLOR=#ff0000]WHY SO EVIL 2![/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER] Thank you [USER=448]@XGN FTW[/USER] for giving the game and thank you all who came!
  13. Please save my event deputies and +1 all of the event deputy application. I messed up and now they dont have a home ;-;
  14. [QUOTE="LT.Kitty-Kat, post: 23134, member: 59"]Meeting moved to tomorrow. DJ failed to make it to his own meeting.[/QUOTE] I just woke up, I am sorry about that. Meeting moved to tomorrow at the 4:30 PM EST [USERGROUP=107]@Event Coordinator[/USERGROUP] [USERGROUP=83]@Event Deputy[/USERGROUP]