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  1. I'll be on TS from 2:00-7:00 PM EST for any admin+'s
    1. Lil' Poof

      Lil' Poof

    2. |DG|Keemstar


      Make that 3:00 to 8:00 EST (also unban was never resolved so I may not be able to get on)
  2. Hey congrats on the ranks I have never really been on so.
    1. Rabbit


      Thank you.
  3. Hero of the Week

    Dude June has 8 you have 5
  4. Introduction

    [QUOTE="D_Cheese, post: 21011, member: 36"]Welcome to the community! It's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast![/QUOTE] What?
  5. No I want it right now I'm a nobody in this community JK I know my place
  6. http://wheeldecide.com/index.php?c1=DankOrange&c2=DankOrange&c3=DankOrange&c4=DankOrange&c5=DankOrange&c6=DankOrange&c7=DankOrange&c8=DankOrange&c9=Earl&c10=DankOrange&c11=DankOrange&c12=DankOrange&c13=Skyy+&c14=DankOrange&c15=DankOrange&c16=DankOrange&c17=DankOrange&c18=Kitty&c19=DankOrange&time=5 Lol
  7. http://wheeldecide.com/index.php?c1=DankOrange&c2=DankOrange&c3=DankOrange&c4=DankOrange&c5=DankOrange&c6=DankOrange&c7=DankOrange&c8=DankOrange&c9=Earl&c10=DankOrange&c11=DankOrange&c12=DankOrange&c13=Skyy+&c14=DankOrange&c15=DankOrange&c16=DankOrange&c17=DankOrange&c18=Kitty&c19=DankOrange&time=5 Yea who will win? I was thoughtful and put Cos in
  8. Lol so true what about Earl, Skyy, and Maxwell
  9. Important

    Here http://wheeldecide.com/index.php?c1=DankOrange&c2=Nova&c3=Kitty&c4=Kanal&c5=Nate&c6=The+Flash&c7=DiversionFrenzy&c8=Sage+of+the+Six+Salts&c9=Moon&c10=cocokat&c11=Mawingu&c12=Earl&c13=Arch&c14=Tree&c15=Flwuffy&c16=Paradox&c17=DankOrange&time=5
  10. I modified it and took Hotline out http://wheeldecide.com/index.php?c1=DankOrange&c2=Nova&c3=Kitty&c4=Kanal&c5=Nate&c6=The+Flash&c7=DiversionFrenzy&c8=Sage+of+the+Six+Salts&c9=Moon&c10=cocokat&c11=Mawingu&c12=Earl&c13=Arch&c14=Tree&c15=Flwuffy&c16=Paradox&c17=DankOrange&time=5 Here
  11. Important

    Forgetful I'm going to PM you a question
  12. #DankOrange for Prez or Owner I have experience in owning many servers (really 1)
  13. Introduction

    Congrats on Officer
  14. Thanks Earl this is really useful. I might apply
  15. +8 (look sideways or flip ur phone sideways)