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  1. Don't forget that you are special and needed in this community, Even if it feels like if you left no one would notice, trust me, some would!
  2. Bring up Bravo in your question.
    1. Christals2


      I totally should've
  3. Kitty said Brynn's a fucker on the ts meeting *Sigh*
  4. He's not just pointing out things. He's making TB look worse than what it was. Like I said earlier, it's a family within a family. As far as the whole officers+ excusing TB from punishment (I.e. gag/mute), there has been numerous, if not, all of times where I've seen officers+ and members prioritize their duty as staff over TB. That's how it should be. TB wasn't made for people to neglect and bend their rules for the sake of TB. It was suppose to be what I stated earlier; A family within a family.
  5. Im sorrieh bby! You're good too!
  6. Nah. You can't get most. You can get the lacking ones. But not the really good ones like Myself, Marko, and Arch.
  7. I like how when I started Team Bravo (And Alpha), everyone else started making groups and whatnot. Lmao.
  8. [QUOTE="Kaleb9975 on YouTube, post: 17960, member: 682"]We have 6 and we go guns blazing[/QUOTE] Well, I took most of the good players, and I still have TB members recruiting. Well, may the best of luck get to ya.
  9. But how do you apply for member? I'm new to the whole "Fourm" thing. I even struggled on making a TB fourm post, haha.
  10. [QUOTE="Kaleb9975 on YouTube, post: 17955, member: 682"]It doesnt bother me... Makes a good rival for MaFiA[/QUOTE] Well, how are you gonna rival a team when its 33 to 1? :^)
  11. I'm just upset that the people who are making a fuss over it is exaggerating the bad, but don't mention the good. It's just a community within a community. A family within a family.
  12. Like you guys are making a mountain out of a mowhill (It's a saying). It's nothing more than what Dj said. Hgen is a family. And within this family, we have relatives we like more than others. There's nothing against favoritism, so we favorite our close relatives and we made an identity. You guys scream "Disband Team Bravo" for what. Every single time I've seen someone say that, they're salty about not being in it, except for Rabbit and Fluffy. I even told them that I respect your choice and I appreciate you guys not talking against TB and we left it at that.
  13. [QUOTE="xXDeadshotXx, post: 17595, member: 422"]They literally go against the rules[/QUOTE] We aren't breaking all the rules. You guys make it seem as if we're breaking all the rules. The only 2 rules I can see you guys saying we break is the disrespect one, and that's because people are able to disrespect TB and have no consequences, but once we say something, it's "Oh no. One guy out of TB is breaking the rules, so lets punish them all because of this one kid." The second rule is auto rebelling. See, when I'm on, and I see a TB member auto rebelling, I tell them to chill out. If they do it again after I warned them, that's not my fault. That goes into Hgen's hands. I try to catch everyone in the act and correct them. I also started to discuss this with Hotline and Cocktail, but they left while I was explaining it to them earlier today. I will not explain it to them and defend not me, but all of TB to them. If anyone else wants to talk about it, I'll gladly talk to you and i'll be downloading TS shortly and we can talk that way.
  14. So now the question is, what do you want us to change. Because it seems like you don't like the group. What can we sacrifice to you, oh mighty lava god.