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  1. Traitor weapons/Detective weapons -A portal gun for detectives and/or traitors https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=697845903 -TTT Attack Forcer http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=643935372 -TTT Randomat- ITS REALLY COOL xD https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=662342819 -Second Chance https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=672173225 -DeadRinger https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=810154456 -Mirror Fate https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=611873052 -Myatrophie gun https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=282809502 -Door Locker https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=290945941 Other Addons- -Round Alerter https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1131903966 More to come- just bored of doing it atm
  2. So before I waste my time making an extremely long post, what kind of ideas are you looking for? What I was thinking was: Player Model ideas(From Workshop) Weapons(From Workshop) New/Updated rules(To balance/Accommodate with the new weapons if needed) Special Rounds maybe Separate presets for HUD customization kinda like the forum presets Possibly the cool weapons instead of standard guns Maps
  3. hes got the power of god and anime on his side.
  4. XI. Do not be salty about commands. (Meaning to be more specific with your commands, ex. don't say one thing, but mean for the prisoners to do something else.) -- Well, We have already discussed this, but making a rule about waypoints being a command or not. And a bit more specification on being salty. This means do not give an order with a double meaning. Your orders must be concrete and refer to a specific action. II. Do not shoot the cell doors open. -- Get Rid of it, there is no point due to this rule: If the cell doors open before the Warden can give his orders, (and before 9:20) then the Warden may proceed without the loss of the day. In effect, Freeday is not given by the opening of the cell doors. III. Jail cell doors shall NOT be closed after being opened.- Removed, I feel it doesn't affect anything whether or not they are closed. If someone gets stuck, then they probably shouldnt have been there anyway. -- Can see some downsides so I am not very concerned about the removal of this IV. Do not round delay or camp anywhere for more than 30 seconds unless it is a free day or hide and seek day. You cannot use this as an excuse to exploit the map or KOS camp. && V. When a prisoner is constantly rebelling (killing guards within a period of 30 seconds), the prisoner is allowed to stay in the same location. Rule V overrides rule IV in this situation. -- The important thing should be that they aren't delaying. I would say the 30 time for camping should only apply when it is clear that they are delaying the round VI. If you are on a Last Request, you may participate in competition of LR. If you have a free day from prior day's last request, you may surrender said free day to compete for LR. If you choose to not surrender your freeday to compete then it becomes a free day for all. -- Specify that if there are still more than 1 prisoner, it does not become a freeday for all. ie: Warden asks him to play with 2 left and he wants to do odd man out. Freeday Prisoner says no. Warden simply continues with the 2 prisoners until one is left. --Could also be the other way around, once he is asked to compete, it is an auto freeday if he refuses. VII. Prisoners must use the designated DR's (F4 menu) in order to compete as his DR. He may not use a custom DR for any type of competition and custom DR's cannot delay the round for more thant 1 minute. -- this sucks. If i want to obby the last guards for dr, i should be able to. Attempting RDM is the same as RDM. Damaging other prisoners as a guard when they have not acted in a rebellious manner is attempting RDM. -- Damaging a prisoner in crossfire shouldn't be RDM imo. At least if it isn't like shooting a stack to kill 1 dude. VII. Free shooting is not allowed. Doing so can result in you being stripped of your weapons. If you have been stripped, you are not allowed to pick up any weapons for a minute. Note that free shooting is using any kind of damaging weapon and continuously holding and pressing the fire key for no purpose. --I WANNA RANDOMLY STAB SHIT AND OTHER GUARDS VI. Cannot give prisoners a Freeday if it was not requested by a Last Request. You must be actively giving orders. --Allow giving a restricted freeday ie. whats in the box: A restricted freeday that can be revoked on a button IX. When a LR is granted the previous round, the next rounds Warden must proceed to execute the LR before 8:30. Delaying can result in a slay. -- Specify that freeday for all LRs must be carried out immediately. Or make all “As soon as possible” XIV. The Warden is not allowed to bait prisoners in the following ways... -Making the prisoners go through a KOS vent. -Revoke a pardon on a prisoner once one has already been given. --Do same for guards as if a guard say to a prisoner to turn around when they are supposed to be afk frozen facing the wall(Prisoner turns around and guard shoots him) XIII. All the remaining and non-rebelling prisoners must be given a chance to compete in any sort of activity/day. You cannot grant LR to the first prisoner without making anyone else compete. (Ex. What's In The Box Day or anything else related.) --If rebels are all that are left, don’t let them say come to the waypoint and jump for lr. That’s just stupid. NVM Read this, IMO it fixes this : V. Last Request/Death Request information In order to receive a last request is a gift by the warden. Only the last prisoner alive may receive the last request. If you have not competed for the LR and you are the last prisoner remaining, you CANNOT be pardoned. Warden cannot pardon prisoners with Primaries unless they did not see the prisoner with one. Once a prisoner receives an LR, all KOS'S are lifted to that point. --Specify that if the prisoner followed all commands, he may still receive LR ie he lined up while everyone else ran off. II. AFK/Freeze is allowed and means you are not doing any of the following. Moving and Freelooking Jumping Using Act commands Toggling fists Peeing Spamming the nope sound or throwing balls. Crouching (unless forced to crouch) --Specify AFK allowing freelook and AFK Freeze not allowing freelook X. Prop killing and Prop spamming(Entities) is not allowed. --Allow prisoners to propkill guards and other prisoners VIII. Backseat modding is allowed, it helps both the server, and the staff members. Backseat Modding and imitating a staff member are COMPLETELY different things. You can tell someone that they COULD be slain if they continue but not that they WILL be. --Make this like a “If staff aren’t on” thing. I can’t stand when these people are constantly yelling THAT’S SLAYABLE | SLAY HIM | HEs SLAYABLE --Brings me to my next point, Yelling at staff to slay/gag someone. The staff member should be perfectly capable to identify what actions by players need punishment --Staff should know the rules the non staff shouldn’t be arguing with the staff member. Staff’s word on rules should be final and if the person has a problem with it, he should bring it to TS/Forums/Feedback and a higher staff member V. Do not have a name of the offensive nature or gameplay ruining nature, up to staff discretion. Must have at least 3 consecutive English letters in your name. Having a name advertising external content. --3 Consecutive English Letters AT THE START of your name. I am assuming this rule is due to targeting in chat with ULX On the hunger games thing, I say leave it as an admin day. Admin can do it if he wants to, however, no LR will come with winning. I say this cus i have never really played hunger games or war day
  5. Well, If we were to do this, I don't think a time-based system would be good. Reason: 1) AFKing 2) People who play a lot are not necessarily the best people Now the only problem is I really have no clue what system could be put in place of a time-based system.
  6. Will there be an update suggestion thread? Or if there is, can i get a link to it?
  7. ya while I was on alone, I was just checking all the guns out and i would try and hit the button to open cells with a sniper but the cells did not open and the bullet mark still showed up where it should have really wierd
  8. just don't mention how you learned of it in the first place eh I don't think it is, when you are extremely up close to a prisoner so that your gun is past the prisoner's hitbox(best seen with Deagle), it goes past the prisoner. And I can also confirm that I have been able to shoot/stab through walls on other maps.