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  1. tbh the -hgen- is so cringe. i dont know why you would want it on any name other that forums. so, ima go with C since this isn't the first word of a chapter of a book.
  2. If you have question suggestions, dm me on discord. I have like 15-20 already. I am trying to keep them pretty simple tho.
  3. @Heliuxen bring back the silo map from old school exoterra. yaaa i miss that shit
  4. So @Rona Feed The Beast day is just a reason to have a guard killed. And is sort of like an anticlimactic and shit Attack on Titan. I personally am not too against it or for it. So, i think maybe if that falls under the same consent is required policy, then sure, we can give it a try. Of course, this should be LR only since no lr can actually come out of the day. Weeping Angel.... I think we can keep it as a VIP only day and only if the guard team is good. It just has too many chances to go wrong. Spaceship day is unbanned as long as the warden is captain. Prisoners cannot boss prisoners. If we were to allow them to do this, it would be no different than letting them be simon in simon says.
  5. tbh I agree with that. But at the same time, if you have a problem with tattoos nowadays, I probably wouldn't want to work for them anyways.
  6. you did not convert me. i was already a donald trump supporter. fake news
  7. Am i correct to assume the length of the url is 5 characters?
  8. You, a member for nearly 600 days in this community, put hundreds or even thousands of hours into this community. You understood how the community ran itself, how the community handled situations like this, and how the community would react to this. Your friends would have your back while those who don't know you would take it at face value and likely accept an apology. What you did was honestly not so destructive (According to Heli); however, I can only assume that your intention was to cause chaos for your own enjoyment. That is something that cannot be forgiven with less than 600 words.
  9. Mario Strikers and Sonic Riders. And SSBM ofc.