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  1. I will push to the ends of the earth to have this be a thing. @Heliuxen be warned; I will be scary if it doesn't happen >:D
  2. General Information Laxus Dreyar Channel Name: オタクに長生きします。 Position in the Community: Member Reason for Channel: idk cuz i can Agreements / Terms By Accepting to these terms you agree that you have read and understand all rules of the Hearthigen TeamSpeak, and at any time that you break the rules or misuse the powers of the channel ranks. Your channel can be deleted and you may not be able to reapply for another channel for a set period of time. I Agree. By Accepting to these terms you agree that if you do not join the TeamSpeak with in 30days. That your channel will be deleted and you will have to reapply for another channel.
  3. release

    Soooo About pixelmon... ;D
  5. +1 It is literally the best modded for people with computers. So lets fucking do it.
  6. Past name: Incend the spy in disguise Why do you want to change your name?: 'Cause I'm a weeb What do you want your new name to be?: Laxus Dreyar You understand that by agreeing to this you will not be able to change your name for another month after it gets accept.: I Agree.
  7. Oh and happy late bday Hgen

  8. Wow first time for a few months that I have been on any forum... I kinda like the violet...