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  1. Yo why haven't I seen u on jb recently?
    1. SirDubberz


      I Retired i just have to much other things i have to deal with right now.
  2. Emptier than my mom's closet in this bitch
  3. You're just a traveling pinecone
  4. Discussion

    Ok... i just haven't see le bots for a while
  5. Discussion

    I would like to become bots to be a thing again, and if there would be a DJ position i would like to request i become one
  6. Important

    Count me in
  7. Feeling great got accepted as an officer! @[ug_48:@Jailbreak Certified] thank you for giving me a chance guys i owe you a big one i wont let you doen
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    2. GlitchyGreenYandere


      No kitty its Ben dover
    3. Jaxon


      You already let me doen
    4. Nate


  8. Great sir, Thank you for all that you do... Apologies i haven't said it sooner... Thank you
  9. i love you my child
  10. Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay! Dont hesitate to message a forum staff member if you have any questions or conserns. To apply for member please look at this. Also join our TeamSpeak @