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  1. Honesty the edgiest meme alive, I'll tell my children about you.
  2. Day 5, Is anyone out there? I've lost all grasp onto reality and this bag has ruined my life. I need to escape this Hellhole.
  3. Day 4, my family has sent me to therapy multiple times for the attempts at suicide do to the plastic bag. My life is a mess. I need a hug...
  4. The plastic bag now haunts my room, Day 1, help...
  5. Day 3, the plastic bag has been torturing me, suicide might be the only option. I need to fucking escape this nightmare. PLEASE ANYONE.....
  6. Babe you are so cute. You should post your picture as your profile pic so I can look at you allllll day
  7. Day 2, the plastic bag still haunts me as i sleep. I can't keep doing this. That bag is a killer and i think im its next victim. Send Help..
  8. Why everynight before i go to bed i want to end my life with the plastic bag in the corner of my room and it makes my face wet with tears...
    1. Lil' Poof

      Lil' Poof

      I can relate.
  9. Welcome to the forums!