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  1. You know Even though I still image the taste I don't understand Whats the big deal about it. Look I can explain the ethics of it all day but in the end, you have your choices and I have mine. no, Rona, I am not "on some other shit". I am A normal Human just like you. I get that the choice is 1. not common and 2. Can raise some ethical questions but at the same time, it's my choice and so whats there to stop me from choosing. I came here asking for support and while Most of you support me I feel as if this has been taken to negatively in the past and still sticks with you today. It might have a negative connotation to it But I feel as if I don't have to listen to it. For me, Its just every day though. For me, I don't raise moral questions I simply act or don't act. Whats the pursuit of information if you are limited?
  2. I sometimes wonder what humans taste like. I could really never explain it but I often do wonder how a human tastes. I get you might say that's ducked up but assuming I commuted no illegal acts to acquire the meat consumption is legal. will I ever try it? Maybe when I am older and know how to prepare the meat so I don't die. However I leave you with 1 question. What do you imagine human meat tasting like?
  3. Last Sunday my parents were not home. I was sitting on my phone from 12pm to 5am. That was the time of my life. I started out watching my subscriptions on YouTube. I quickly grew board and as one of my subs brought up the war in Syria I decided to find videos on that topic. After 30 minutes of searching I came across a video with a journalist from vice in Syria. It was chaotic as if Satan himself decided to say hello. Rubble was everywhere and at a point the journalist walked into a snipers nest and almost died. They also found a mortar that never went off. After that video I decided to probe further. Another journalist interviewed a few isis members. It wasn't interesting to see because you expect them to show hostile intent to anyone . The members aside from say stuff like god willing a lot were very compassionate twords each other. Then I went on and say a little kid most likely 8 standing on top of a loaded tank with what looks to be a 1911 (a type of pistol) in hand with isis members behind him. My only thoughts were about how fucked up this is. A kid younger then us about to help commit murder. I saw what they did too. On a holy site called heaven square they would decapate their enemy's heads and stick them on the sharp points of the fence surrounding it. I couldn't believe what I saw. I even saw a journalist have a sniper round land near him after a few Kurds walked up on one of assads fortified buildings. You may ask ok but why share this. I believe it has a moral lesson somewhere in it. It shows how evil humans can really be. As a message to anyone who thinks to hate. We are all humans tall,small,white,black,smart,dumb,rich and poor. Why do we do this. Surely it hurts people to see other progress destroyed. We will never achieve true peace and that is obvious but what we do is so morally wrong I can't stand it. The world is sick and this goes for more than Syria in Bangladesh there is a prostitution ring which sells underage sex. I saw the horrific interview of a human trafficking victim. These attorcites continue to scar me. It scares me what path humanity is going down and I hope it scares you too. Without fear we'd never have advancements like the vaccine or security systems. Why can't we all just get along. We are all humans.
  4. A did the same thing with the 5-7 bottle but is it full
  5. There is something about sandboxes empty was that begs me to come back and bring it back to life. With that said I will Ben playing sandbox again however I am uncertain if I should staff. Sandbox was dead at the time I picked up staff with my 1 goal of populateing it. While I did enjoy the fun events I made and attempts to get it popular it became aparant that me alone won't bring the server back. After a few others applied for staff on SB I left due to my inability to be active and the fact that I believed a friend would take my spot while I went through with my life. It has become apart the sandbox is once again dead but if I want to bring it back I need feedback. What do you want to see on sandbox. I'll try everything in my power to bring it back but right now I don't know how far that extends. As for staffing on sandbox I have reached a internal debate. On one hand we need someone to staff if it goes. Back up and trouble makers show up but on the other hand staffing is a large commitment and requires active moderation much like dark rp. I'll pose these questions to you in a poll.
  6. 250$ for a 980 https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIADFR74W0844&cm_re=gtx_980-_-9SIADFR74W0844-_-Product 180$ for a core i5 6400k https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819117564&cm_re=intel_core_i5_6400-_-19-117-564-_-Product I'll let you search ram and mobo because ram is insanely priced right now and your mobo will determine your ram and processor, however, most mobos work with intel core 15 6400k but be sure.
  7. Yea I still think the old system was better.
  8. If you have a pc already try to upgrade it before building a new one assume in game it's a tower.
  9. If cancer == true{ Life.exit; }
  10. So I was messing with Unicode and decided to see if I could stack characters using special invisible characters and well why that didn't work I decided if Unicode would work at all so I used an accent but now when I log on for the second time all three of my updates are the same. I think I found a bug.