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  1. Silverad made a post also take note the day has been moved 1st day ahead.
  2. Something strange is starting on sandbox. An event, unlike anything we've seen before. Something big. 3/24/18 6:00 est. We will see you there, Survivor. P.S this will be an event on sandbox. winner gets 40k JB points. If you have a question ask down below!
  3. until

    ima hit going but if i pull another sandbox meeting again @Silverad on ban pls. then i might not make it.
  4. First Seen: Jul 08, 2016 10:10 AM 2 years MY BOI
  5. I love ps2 as much as the next guy but can we just pick and keep a pointshop please?
  6. See this is why I almost didn't make this post. People if you are on the bottom list I don't ducking hate you and don't think like that. Yall stI'll great people it's just my personal bais.
  7. you do? hmm i havent heard you yell at me yet...
  8. I know but I would rather him hate me and me understand why...
  9. Yesterday was my second year in hgen. Now 2 years is not long but I don't know if I see myself in hgen for a year 3. I might but that depends with the amount of hate and drama thrown around. On the topic of hate and drama I would like to list my top 5 favorite people and top 5 least favorite and mabey a sentence why. This wI'll be fully honest so if you get offended then turn away. Top 5 @Fainter he is really calm and we share mostly same ideals from what I know @Bensuperawesome he is not so calm but he does it in a funny way @zeme very calm and easy to talk too. @Terrific Tails I know it doesn't seem like it but I thinks tails is fun to talk to @SCOTSCHIEF he can be cool but he is a little control hungry and can't pick a side to save his life Bottom 5 @dooshgasm I don't understand the problem but I sense a hate for some reason. I haven't talked much but he doesn't leave his channel and ban's me from it for no reason @Exler now exler is a good person but our conversations get dry fast. @HulkGroundTheMan another great Pearson but he has a habit of try to talk when I need focus. I know he doest mean it and he means well but it happens so often. @Omnione of those guys whose a lot ways has a new minI problem each day speficly with his laptop @BorkLord I dont know but his seriousness scared me to death. I am afraid If I make a joke he take it literaly. Now I don't hate the bottom 5 bur it's not the best for me to talk with them. All of you on the list are cool. But it's my natural bis to like certain people better. In fact I really dont hate anyone here. With that that is my 2 years here and a fun list I just made for my 2 years. I hope your day goes great. Also don't be mad is you are on bottom 5 it's not like I dispise you I just wanna talk less.
  10. I feel like there should be a second end goal. What if and hear me out the prisoners had a mini-economy. We could establish NPCs to trade and so people have a reason other than to shoot guards. I also like the idea the with enough money you could buy an easy escape like an m4a1 and some armor from an NPC. I also think that if we do escape the map we should be able to roam around and collect cosmetics while the guards leave and try to find escaped people. right now the only motive is lr and simply said its just not enough. doing one day that you decide is just not fun for me.
  11. Jess Christ all nightly lord and savior I one identified as atheist but now I have seen satan and ask for my sins to be removed.
  12. It was a storm of rope-like guts ever so slighly growing.
  13. Hey @RareFroggy123 I am gonna need you to be on tommorw. I'll contctvyou on ts tommorw.