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  1. I have another story Alex suddenly awoke just in time to see his final flashs of light and then he decided to look back on life with his last few seconds. Alex was defined as evil cursed and destructive but only by their people his family saw him as sweethearted and innocent. His life was not one of luxury but we wasn't very poor either. His apartment which he rented in the 90s as he decided to move out was one of his favorite places to be. His walls of sunset beachs and the computer yelling at screeching at him from the corner. Now his apartment was not all as it seemed as little found the hidden trap door in his floor at the corner and none has ever lived to tell the tale. Alex was a perfectionist and so he acted out often when something wasn't right. Alex was always right. Remembering back to 95' were he took a 5 year olds life in said hidden room because she was imperfect. She would always be sneezing at dogs because of their fibers periceing her nose. He then later discovered such condition was genetic and hide 3 more bodies to hide. Back in 97' he saw that his grandfather started to smoke. No matter he lead him into his room for a family dinner and used cynaide pills. After leaving the body to decompose for a few days he dumped it in a trash can.2 days later FBI came to his house and put him into cuffs but before he got to the car he freed one of his hands and ran. Despite being less fit he outran them. Now him being a imperfection has to hold the cold metal in has hand. The chamber clicked and he was no more.
  2. It happens to specifically the NPC that spawn vehicles they just don't work.
  3. Randomly when joining the server ocasinoaly the npc won't let you open the menu.
  4. I hate the current report system. The ui is ugly
  5. for all who are relatively new or do not know me I want to say to the entire community that I am comeing out as bi-sexual. Don't know why but knowing that more than just a select few people know makes me feel better about still irl being in the closet. That all I hope you have a great day
  7. I've relized how long this post is so i am going to leave it here if you have any other arguments in your defense please edit your post.
  8. it couldn't have flown into the park because a this area has a invisible barrier above the ceiling (take any prop and push it up) and be the only other way in is through the tunnel which has a mountain from stopping it getting pushed. this is the invisible celling the only way through is the tunnel and there is a mountaitan in the way also, you said it was glitching and sinking and floating if it was floating then why would you move it horizontally? even so we dont have a screenshot or reports of cars floating or glitching. also if this was an accident why would you try to bribe me to not post this in chat. chat logs will show evidence of this. The hill in fornt of the only way through would have stoped it.
  9. Alright i though you meant that you shot it after raid but. events went like this raid start--- raid end-----walk out and die----- go to my own base---- find sage messing with my car. still doesnt explain the prop push or why it was even in the river. you can see in the picture that the car is in the river and very near my base but i raided rona who was outside the log cabin district.
  10. alright, but I didn't park it in the river, to begin with and why are you shooting my car? also why do i have a picture of it on the river bank not in the river as my first and 3 picture (kinda hard to see)