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  1. Amazing but it would be awesome if the upload size limit changed.
  2. Yea I just noticed sorry
  3. Tbh it doesn't seem like a ddos attack it might have been an exploit in which game names are stored plus a ddos attack. Either way vm take up too much system resources to create a ddos I think they might have used a Trojan to upload a bot to a computer created a bot net to take down gmod while they use this exploit. Still don't know how they found this exploit but i feel as if the ports good connects too might be unfiltered. As of right now that is my only guess. For all we know they could have launched meterpreter (popular metasploit payload) via an exploit and might have a backdoor in the servers. Either way the end might be near. Where's garry. Sorry if my Grammer or spelling is off I speed typed this.
  4. Verify the integrity of your games files then try again. Is my suggestion. So basically gmod is telling you too fuck off.
  5. He also help the byielding on the old minecraft town a little. Which was great so yea. Congrats spartan.
  6. I love music so when people create their own I don't see it as music I see it as how you think and feel. It is amazing I love it and if you don't mind I would like to discuss this with you more as I might ask you to allow me too add one of your songs as a song in a video game iam creating . Keep it up!