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  1. "I hate you all with a passion"
  2. Penoos...
  3. noooooooooooooooooo
  4. Sorry guys, But i'm too widely hated in the community... There's no room for me to grow, I'm stuck in one spot. This isn't a position I want to be in. So i'm giving up my officer position. Thank you [USER=760]@2Pac[/USER] [USER=597]@Vaxure[/USER] [USER=330]@xXFilesXx[/USER] and many more for helping me realize that.
  5. Kinda in one of those down moods....
  6. When there's nothing but ashes and the battle is done, it's time to close the chapter, and move to a new one...
    1. Cant Touch This Bro

      Cant Touch This Bro

      ...eno wen a ot evom dna ,retpahc eht esolc ot emit s'ti ,enod si elttab eht dna sehsa tub gnihton s'ereht nehW
  7. I could be a great Owner. I have experience in website creation, coding, etc. I used to manage and own many communities in my life. (I know my chances are below 1%, but as he said, it's open game:) )
  8. You're not the issue Mawingu, and neither was the report.
  9. It's not a short time thing, it's been going on for weeks.... ever since I made that post. The stupid Team Bravo post... From then, to now, it's only gotten worse. But it's so passive aggressive, that not much could be done...
  10. [FONT=Marck Script][COLOR=#ff8000]Due to all that has happened to me throughout the community, I really feel unwelcome here. I feel like, at every turn I take, people are just waiting for me to fail so that they can have a reason to scream at me. I can't log onto jailbreak anymore because I get too upset with the disrespect and hate I get. The passive aggressiveness is so hard to find proof for, but it's real, and making me more upset with myself on Hearthigen. Ever since I made the team bravo post, I have been getting nothing but hate from this community's players and staff. I feel like as soon as I get onto jailbreak, a group of people are already talking behind my back. Every word I say on the forums, people are ready to poke holes and talk crap. Everyone is telling staff that I'm a disrespectful player that should just be removed from this community. I really feel unwanted and unloved, and not part of the Hearthigen community. I've been thinking about quitting the community multiple times, as the drama has gotten to me so much so that I turn off my mic and start sobbing at my desk. I've talked to mediators many times, and it's all just the same thing...I just don't know if I can take what's happening, it's bending my emotions in so many different ways I just don't know. But I feel so hated, and mistreated in this community, that I really feel sick to my stomach. So, this is just a heads up... I don't know for sure what will happen..[/COLOR][/FONT]
  11. Happy Birthday!
  12. Happy Birthday!
  13. ur my best 12 year old buddy :,)
  14. Feeling pretty positive on my applications, thank you everyone who has supported me already!