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  1. @Brandon KiNG did wut he was asked to get that feedback mannggg, dont roast him too bad :(
  2. 2 away from second!!! Its a base race boys.
  3. +1, he's pretty cool, always nice. I think he would make a good ts staff
  4. This man TOOK it to the FORUMS.
  5. Nick seems like the type of guy who's satisfaction for the female gender is overwhelming welcome
  6. I forgot the music ; - ;
  7. The quoted people were necessary because they assisted with the video and making in some shape or form
  8. Watch the fucking video please, ; - ;
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  10. Cancer +1 ev3n though hes a snake
  11. Thank you for giving your side of the story, I appologize for the large ban time it was an error on my side that will be fixed
  12. Grief is a very nice person, the thing people call disrespect is his way of joking around with friends. Grief is always active on teamspeak and acts mature when the time comes(as is seen with his replies to the -1's). He cant help that people get offended with his humor/way of joking with people he finds his friends, and if he ever said something to you that you find "Disrespectful" Please remember that no one in this community gets on to make people feel bad. Everything said is said as a joke. This shows his maturity and how it can flourish and i honestly think grief can better teamspeak and can really contribute to enforcing the rules. And for the people who commented about him Disrespecting you, 10/10 if u show negativity to someone they will show negativity back. +1 Best of luck to you
  13. During my time on the server, when you were climbing up the ladder to get to the top of the main cell area(Ladder closest to the armory)You jumped down after climbing up a tad bit, doing a complete one 180 stopping perfectly on the guards head and shooting them, not even giving them a chance to process what happened.