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  1. \ o w o / Welcome back
  2. +1 If you get accepted we're gonna throw a party, but your not invited to the party, just know we are having one. Good application, much detail, good memes aged to perfection
  3. Shower with your dad simulator http://store.steampowered.com/app/359050/
  4. Bad meme for this kind of discussion.
  5. +1, is good guy/girl Not gonna write a big paragraph but just kno ur the bomb. just know that i always see you and your growing success as a jailbreak staff, while i would like to see Derrick or Ryan apply, I think you would also do fantastic at the job. As for criticism, I would recommend being more positive! Good luck pupper.
  6. -1, I find you funny blizzard, but the first day i saw you on jailbreak you were instigating issues with other players, an example being Zorak, just for the memes. While i find you to be a very exceptional staff member, I do not think you should be promoted to such a high position until some major attitude adjustments.
  7. noclickebait

    good double meme
  8. Its Lit. First order of corruption, everyone must have one golden tooth .Just a meme. Thank you all for the support and heart warming comments, really makes me feel all that good stuff inside I got re-positioned remember dud, onli heli and cat nowz ;d <3 ; - ; u guys rock I was high key already council ; - ; why u no listen >:c
  9. @Derrick And @Ryan for Deputy Overseer #GetThatShitYouFuckinNerds
  10. whatrufukingey
  11. +1, he excels on jailbreak when it comes to basic understanding of the rules and enforcement, i believe this shows a good comprehensive quality required to be able to submit feedback on things that should and should not be happening in the new gamemode.
  12. What do people call you?: Big Dick Magee(Asriel) What is your thoughts on us doing PoliceRP?: What are your thoughts***** ^~^ Its pretty dank tbh, sounds like it would be fun. Lemme in that beta. Why do you want to apart of this?: The reason i want to be included in this beta period is so i can contribute and see what this gamemode is about. Do you have any experience with something like this before?: Very vague question x( Experience beta testing a gameode in general: Yus Experience beta testing a gmod server: Nop Experience playing a gmod server before release: No :(( Any set time that you can play?: I dont have a life tbh, i can play from 6-10pm EST on monday and thursday, tuesday wednsday and friday depends on pop up events. Weekends are also sporadic. Are you cute?: Cuter then @Archthious Would you smash Markozeeko?: No, i like boys :L By agreeing to this, You accept the fact that not all people might be able to Beta Test, You also acknowledge that you should be giving us feedback during this Beta about anything that comes to your mind.: I agree By agreeing to this, You acknowledge that this is a Beta, and if needed there will be a wipe.: I agree
  13. Hallo Mistur Depooty Ovurser, SundBux nedz staf n ur de onli activ ovrser