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  1. +1 Active, good guy, reliable and trustworthy. Just now saw the app im sry ;-; <3
  2. What server do you wish to apply for?: Deathrun Name you prefer to go by: KC How old are you?: 16 How would you consider yourself "active"?: Yes What's your current goal in this community?: Currently i am Deputy of interior and with this rank i am working to help all departments and server's improve in regards productivity and success. My goal is to make sure everything is going well and smoothly with server's and departments by supplying suggestions and answers to questions, helping with promotions or sometimes bans and demotions, monitoring people in the community and in-game, helping the players get their suggestions for server's or departments through to the right people, and overall helping in any way or shape i can so that hearthigen can grow. Why do you want this role?: I want Overseer so i can better handle and manage a server that i enjoy and care about. If i had overseer i would be able to appropriately manage the staff on it VIA promotions and application, along with helping better with server side issues such as add-ons and suggestions that arent getting through due to a difficulty in contacting the current overseer which is currently working hard with behind the scenes issues involving forums, conflict resolution, false negative feedback, and studies and work in-real life. I feel with this role i can grab the reigns on a server with a large amount of potential and help it flourish and become what others want it to be and help it succeed along with the staff i would have working hard with me so that we can make deathrun great again. If you could change any current rule or add a rule to the server what would it be?: I would add the common sense rule onto the current deathrun rules so that the players have the chance to do the right thing rather than act foolish and "Mingey" I would also edit the Rule Loitering rule so that the punishment is more stricter to prevent people from getting away with things like; Racism, Hate Speech, And loopholes around current rules set for the community. What experience do you have with being a leader?: I have experience in the community along with experience in-real life. I belong to my bands leadership core which helps with the school band's management, funds and fund raising events, and overall discipline, and i am currently deputy of interior which has given me experience with most of the departments and servers in regards with helping to manage them, promotions, department side rules and staffing, and server side rules and staffing. How much experience do you have in this gamemode?: I am currently #12 on deathrun VIA gametracker and i have played on two servers, one being hearthigen, another i played on to get a better aspect on how staff on a populated deathrun server act and carryout rules along with how the gameplay should feel (Also was on there to get a player model i really wanted >/////< which Armegardeon and Rabbit were there to witness). And the few days i was on there i believe i gained a good base of knowledge on how staff and staff-leaders should act on deathrun. What can we do to improve this server?: Well, in regards to improvement, i believe we should fix in-game issues involving !rules and !steam not working, without these, it prevents the player from gaining the knowledge about the server needed in order to make sure they dont break any rules, and it also delays the player from joining the community in regards to !steam. We could also work harder on adding in the suggestions the player's ask for such as !ghost. How would other people describe you?: *Quotes taken exactly from people when asked in the community, names will not be dropped because that doesnt happen because of happening in the stuff* (Taken from old mediator application along with added quotes) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Two people i respect allot. -> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Thank you to the people that gave their comments, love you all ;d* Person 1. Mature enough when dedicated towards something, but in a sense always silly. Very respectful and calm when it comes to important situations, very good self control. Person 2. what are you trying to date me? um, gay. Lovable,friendly,allows others to talk or loves to listen. Your a fuckin asshole. Person 3. Um idk dude thats not my department Person 4. Very responsible and mature and at the same time chill and laid back, very motivating and always tries to include people in the community as much as possible, overall great guy, easy to like. Person 5. Um, i'd describe you as a 'dude' B). UR A FUNNY GUY MY DUD, laidback, is that good? Person 6. Your laidback, nice soothing voice when ur not roasting, suck my tak Person 7. You are an amazing person, mature when needed and funny. Person 8. Calm, like not fucking over the top, yeah, you dont bug people without a reason, yeah, thats my screaming dog in the background. Person 9. He's that chill dood that i like, but your just a meme. Person 10. I agree with guy 10, level headed, yea, *Gurgling noise* Person 11. Your respectful, but you can be rude but not like some people, mature, enthusiastic, hot headed. Person 12. Gay! Dumb! Idiot butt! Person 13. Y'know i gotta think of it first, serious to an extent, eager to defend your views, sometimes an asshole and friendly in the same way, well liked in the community. Person 14. Really hard worker, but a meme, likes to have fun, he uh yknow he's selfless, uhh, wont give me his facedrop, likes to change his name allot, uhhh, overall goodguy, generally cares. Members of the community you know on a Personal Level: @Rabbit @SkyDive @Armegardeon @Kolor @JustMark @Tree @JustArch @Jex Shade @Sarcothice @Lazy120 @KiNG @InfernoBorkExclusive @BorkLord @ValentinoLucious @staffmage @jeff_fan @Nova @nignog1 @Spartan2496 @Savage Link one video on Youtube that you feel gets to you the most.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mh5LY4Mz15o By applying for this position, you are well aware of the responsibilities put upon you. These including: application oversight, event oversight, and recruitment oversight of your server. You will also be in-charge of the your server's staff as a whole. You will be in-charge of the overall success of the server, which includes responding to any suggestions given by the community.: I Agree. You will be a major part of the servers success and therefore should be continually active unless otherwise deemed. There will be at most (2) Deputy Overseers for this position. You understand that you may be working with a person you do not know well. As an Overseer, it is your job to get to know every staff on your server. You are to keep constant connection and make them feel as they should, a major part of the server's success.: I Agree. I, the creator of this application, agree to adhere to the rules set before me. I agree to hold the server's best values in my heart and to work to create a better community inside of Hearthigen. By accepting these conditions and posting this application, I agree that my Deputy Overseer status can be terminated at any time and that I fully agree to the rights and conditions of this service.: I Agree. By agreeing to these terms, you agree to follow all guidelines set for you as a staff member, you understand you are not above the players, and you promise to make your server a safe-haven for all players of all calibers and ages.: I Agree.
  3. Current: Name: Asriel Requested Name: KC :D   Why do you want to change your name?: Im tired of starkiller calling me a white cow, for some reason thats what he thinks Asriel is ; - ;   By choosing to change your name, you agree you cannot request another name change for 1 month. However you can request to go back to your previous name within 5 days of the name change.: I Agree.  
  4. @SCOTSCHIEF Can you give me my flipping rank
  5. +1, get it mang. - Active on teamspeak - Show’s genuine interest in the server - isn’t rude or obnoxious or immature. - know’s the rules of the server and community very well - Awesome person overall, would love to see him get this position.
  6. -1, ?? lol Alright, lets get started shall we? - Completely immature in almost every aspect. - Likes to argue with staff as staff and doesn’t seem to be able to comprehend common sense - Extremely rude and ignorant and doesn’t seem to want to fix it?? - Causes way too many server side issues, two of which i witnessed DPS-Bangz is the type of guy to disregard any kind of issue that involves him and attempts to try to redirect any issue that comes his way with nonsensical banter. He only admits his faults when multiple people seem to tell him his faults and even then the path to this outcome is blocked with lies and excuses. He has been complained about by multiple players on various servers and has been banned from an event due to screaming into his mic and mic spam after countless warnings, after this he tried to get back into the event by trying making the event representatives look like fools and insisting that he was banned from this event for no reason with no warning., which was a complete lie because even his friend @NessPKfreeze said that he goofed during the event. Besides this, this application looks like it only took about 5 minutes to write, minimal effort shows that he doesn’t care about this position enough to bother working hard on applying for it, so whats gonna allow him to be able to succeed as an overseer and be able top populate one of hearthigen’s dead servers? Besides that i had to get onto deathrun today because of a complaint from two players saying that bangs was arguing with one of the players and blowing up voice while no staff on. “Very active” I havent seen you ever log on to prophunt or even show any kind of concern for the server at all. And the fact that you are just now admitting that you have been immature and made mistakes, and “Learnt” from them, just feels like a laugh in the face to the people that care about the well being of hearthigen tbh. Disregarding the application entirety, i honestly completely deny you being ready for any kind of position this high, besides that, you just went down a rank in jailbreak for your actions? So wouldent you rather try to prove yourself to the overseer’s you are under currently rather than than try for a position you obviously arent qualified for. And besides that, you are always talking about wanting to retire, and how bad your life is, so how are you going to balance whats happening with your life and the mentality of wanting to retire with the role your applying for? Best of luck with you’re application but i for sure am a -1 and don’t support this application in the slightest. Edit: Just caused yet another issue in the murder event today and was punished for it.
  7. +2 Get it man Very active member already on sandbox. Always helping out and trying to make and plan new events for the server and always working hard to populate sandbox and make it better than it already is.
  8. Changing to a -1 My point proven. Today teamspeak private channels were removed and all passwords on channels were removed so the community can bond. Gaming went out of his way to join My, @Lazy120’s, @Sarcothice’s @Nova’s, @Fighterh2o5, and @dooshgasm’s channel while we were all playing the game (Which is a competitive game that requires communication), and proceeded to talk over us bragging how “He got @SCOTSCHIEF to remove the password) which none of us were too booty tickled about until he came in and purposely tried to get us upset by stating that. This goes to show a basis of @GamingX13’s Current maturity level which i do not believe if needed for this staff position. At first i was leaning to a +1 after posting my abstain, but after this I have to say i am very annoyed that people are saying this person has changed when they are the same way “Behind the scenes”. After asking him to leave because he joined to purely troll, he was kicked from the channel in accordance to teamspeak rules and joined back AGAIN saying "Dont abuse your powers”. ??? If you are kicked from the channel after given a warning and come back and argue with the person that kicked you then i would think its valid, which also shows his lack for community guide lines and rules. Best of luck to you and your application but i do not believe someone that constantly attempts to start uneeded issues and expresses such a lack of maturity should be given such a rank that requires them to take charge of a server, especially jailbreak.
  9. I’m going to Abstain. Seems to bring up small issues and in my opinion tries to flare drama when he can which I don’t think should be happening when its un-needed. Like Xyteria and Heli have said so many times, you dont need a high rank to make a difference and i believe starting from officer and going up the ranks represents a staff members growth in understanding in how the community works and maturity. While you have made a huge difference like Nova said, i just dont believe you are ready for such a high position. Abstain until proven wrong.
  10. Honestly +1 Extremely active, and we need an overseer that will get the job done, no offense to the current one who im sure is busy with other things, but we need someone to take charge of the server and make it great again and i honestly think skydive is the best choice, not only does he love deathrun, he is reliable and i know he will get the job done no matter what the circumstance. You got this dude, best of luck.
  11. cunt
  12. It helps to read applications bud.
  13. +1 we need an active overseer. I believe you have what it takes for this position, from what i’ve seen and heard about you, i strongly feel you would be right for the job. I agree, our current overseer isnt active on the server very much and im sure she has a good reason for that. We need someone that can host events and take charge of getting people on the server and accepting staff applications. Skydive has had an officer app up for this server for god knows how long. @Heliuxenshould really see about the inactives and do something about it. How about you get on jailbreak more you dingus ;-; What sarco said, no point in applying for staff with no one to accept/train you ;d