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  1. Heyo! Nice to see the old guys here! Hopefully I can talk with you guys! You guys use TeamSpeak?
    1. Sad Seth

      Sad Seth

      A tip; instead of posting a new comment thingy to your profile, hit the 'comment' button to the right of the individual post.
    2. Zelaliese


      Yes c: We do have a ts ---->
  2. Hey, nice to hear from you again!
    1. Zelaliese


      You too man :D I got rid of my Tumblr btw lol. Not really into the blogging thing.
  3. DERPY~! HAII BUDDY C: Welcomeeeeee~!
  4. thanks, I fapped to it too
  5. Welcome to the community, also I fapped to your profile picture.
  6. If you remember me, you remember what I did a long time ago :P
  7. Welcome! Might I add how strange your picture is?
  8. Hey everyone, it's-a-me, Lyrix! ;)
  9. Welcome To Hearthigen and Our Family! I Hope You Enjoy Your Stay!