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  1. bring back the pigeon cunt

  2. Dead By Daylight fanatic here, ready to suck you dry
  3. yo guys tell me this artwork isn't the best xdd
  4. Don't forget that you are special and needed in this community, Even if it feels like if you left no one would notice, trust me, some would! Happy birthday as well!
    1. Boomstick


      thank you Sadie. Apologies for not responding. I havent been on cause' Rs and school and Dead by Daylight, but thank you for the concern.
  5. I didn't know you much, and I didn't see you as an issue. I always thought you were a cool dude.
  6. I am back from about 1 week of my compuier being a fucking brick.
    1. Lil' Poof

      Lil' Poof

      did you fix up your 16gb ram, 3k runscape madness computer?
  7. Staff of the Week

    i kinda know some of these guys, so i voted for the three i know the most
  8. Hero of the Week

    i dont know these people tho, but ill vote anyway
  9. I am placing a 5 dollar bet that our newest member @[845:@SleepingInReverse] gets officer this week. also, welcome to the death cam- i mean family.
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    2. Boomstick


      mfw roasted on your profile page
  10. mfw making fun of your past mistakes xd
  11. Staff of the Week

    [QUOTE="Kalm Jazz, post: 27679, member: 901"]let's get some M O O N S H O E C R E W boys on here, baybeeeeeeeeeee [USER=374]@Archthious[/USER] [USER=618]@Markozeeko[/USER] [USER=900]@BEEMO[/USER] [USER=659]@SirDubberz[/USER] [USER=499]@Flwuffy[/USER] [USER=675]@Nate[/USER] [USER=506]@Stumpy[/USER] [USER=735]@Trailer Park Supervisor[/USER] [USER=1053]@Zoey Cakes[/USER] just don't nominate that Klam Jizz asshat, he does nothing but play League, barely come on, and when he does come on he's really silent until someone brings up Papa John ;^)[/QUOTE] fuck me dry papa john
  12. mfw listening to a phone conversation with my grandfather for a school project about the Vietnam war
  13. thinking about being a staff just cause of the cool name and gaining a big god complex xd
  14. sicker than your average teamspeak user