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  1. Eyyy, welcome back mate, alot has gone on since you been gone but ill get you cought up, ill be on team speak soon and when ever your available and ready we will meet. hope your having a great morning, and an even better day :) 

  2. Love ya buddy, Hope you get where you want to be and have many good adventures along the way, just don't forget you always got a family here waiting for you. Good luck pal
  3. I'm back baby!!! Yup that's right, I'm coming homeee. Harvest is coming to an end and my free time is returning :). Starting friday my activity on the forums, server's, team speak, and in the  OSP Dept. will increase as ill be able to enjoy my freetime more and more :) Twas a long time and im glad to be back!! I just hope your all glad to have me back :P Thanks Hearthigen

  4. alright you have started a war mate
    1. gtgblaze19


      ^ nig war it is XD but wait till im done work.. i need to be able to compete XD
    2. Alucard The Warden's Ex

      Alucard The Warden's Ex

      blaze, meme his steam profile dude :3