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  1. Discussion

    [QUOTE="Zelaliese, post: 5330, member: 6"]Mobile gaming is only good for those times in your life away from the computer or console games. LOL. But when I do play mobile games... I play. [LIST=1] [*]Uno & Words with friends [*]Soda Crush Saga [*]Playbuzz (If you are into quizzes and stuff) [*]Hungry Shark (You iz a shark and eats pplz) [/LIST] I am slowly getting bored of them so please any suggestions would be great lol[/QUOTE] I think lifelines still free on ios
  2. I think I have intermittent explosive disorder
  3. I love the color green
  4. I'm pissed off beyond a conceivable level
  5. Great Escape by aftermath, search it up on youtube the download should be in the description.
  6. Humor

    Namco Mueseum for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance [IMG][/IMG]
  7. Discussion

    I tried Dungeon Boss, I really enjoy it. I actually didn't like it at first because I thought it was a cliche mobile-gimmicky game
  8. Earlier today my armpits smelled like rotten yakisoba, but now they smell like flowers. THANKS DEODORANT
  9. I have a muscle cramp in my foot
    1. MyNameIsGreen


      I raced tires with someone during P.E.
  10. Someone I don't know
  11. Discussion

    [QUOTE="Detective Jaymunk, post: 5033, member: 42"]I like mobile gaming because its Mobile Get Clash Of Clans.. JK I hate it I personally think Gore wants you to get the app "Sex Positions 3D" Get Dungeon Boss, and Little Bandits[/QUOTE] My dad and cousin play dungeon boss, I suppose I should try it out. I think it's like an RPG with party's and stuff, kinda like Mario & Luigi, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Quest?
  12. I need a new phone, this tiny screen is very annoying!!!
  13. Discussion

    I want to know everyone's thoughts on mobile gaming, like if it seems like a good community or not. I also want some suggestions on good mobile games I can get.
  14. It's all in my signature
  15. Important

    Oh... That's impressive, I never expected something like that to happen. Good work guys? I mean if you call sleep deprivation good. I've actually been losing a lot of sleep lately, just yesterday I only got three hours of sleep. And today I got four.