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  1. HEY!! y u no apply for member ;-;



  2. Congratulations to our newest family members! @Hoop222er @Deport @Mr.Jack @KikkomanSauce @rentaro @Bensuperawesome @ryry636 @Limeinator_YT @Donald Trump @Areteen @Cows Go Moo @SassyDoggo @SkyDive We hope to see you all on our servers very soon! You can also come and talk to our players/staff on TeamSpeak @!
  3. Happy 151th birthday buddy lmao <3

  4. Lmfao +1 You seem chill <3
  5. EGG!! Where u go? I miss you ;-;

  6. Lmfao!!! This video is Golden!!!!! Shout out to @Ryan For the guy from burger king as my voice over xD ^ He made that xD
  7. KiD!! Ill deport you!


    Lmao, its nice to see you on the forums buddy <3

  8. Hey! Mr. Jack..


    Ur awesome buddy <3

    1. Mr.Jack


      Thanks Bb <3


  9. Honestly.. Mistakes happen.. After hearing your side of the story.. It shouldn't of been a 2 week ban.. Just enough for you to learn from your mistakes.. Just be careful next time buddy <3
  11. Where it says "server address" type in From there set your nickname.. "nerdftw" or whatever you want.. Then connect.. You will have the new tag on you which doesn't allow you to move channel to channel... But sooner or later a top tier will take that off you..
  12. ima miss you buddy ;-; No more shitposting in the snapchat group anymore ;-;
  13. Yeee... You know i'd kick your ass tho I'd love to have this tho tbh
  14. Are you the sister fister that we've been warned about?

    1. KiNG


      No.. That's Mister Lister.. He's the sister fister... 

      He comes on TS every now and then.. So BEWARE!!!!!

  15. so do I technically win since I'm in it? xD