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  1. "nobody even wants you here" -TVFilthyFrank

  2. Why was this called luv is rage 2? I got clickbaitededed
  3. Picture of your friends below:

    1. KiNG


      U doin the most 


  4. where's the link at for the award request page? 


    You should consider putting the link in the awards tab.. I cant really find it anywhere!

    1. lent Alucard

      lent Alucard

      Next time you need to find it, go to the awards forum. It's pinned,

  5. Damn Daniel 

  6. YBN shit

    1. Oranges


      Ayy gang gang

  7. Knight shiki! Hi hi hi hi


    Reply to meee i kno u notice meee :( 

  8. Happy birthday wavy! 


    If u ever decide to check the forums again. HI!! 

  9. Happy birthday! 

  10. Ay. Happy birthday hawwaiiaannn 


    Why do i feel like it was already your birthday this year... weird.. 


    Ay but uhh u best b makin em bands at work dawwg

  11. not happy birthday


    freaking rekt kiddo 

  12. Lil Uzi vert 

  13. H-h-happy birthday!