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  1. @Savage First off why tf can't I write on your profile. And second, I'm gonna have to ask you to stop using hot girls as click bait. It is 100% working I click it every time. But we have kids on here 


    sir if you do not remove that within 24 hours. I'm gonna have to get a forum manager involved. 



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    2. KiNG


      We can work something out in exchange for a face reveal. 

    3. DevMod


      Oh yes king you remember my legit look!

      I would love to see your face!

    4. KiNG


      I've shown my face plenty of times lmfao 

  2. Wanna drink bleach with me dud?

    1. KiNG


      No, not really “dud” 

  3. Unfortunately I am going to have to disagree with you getting this position. Borklord, you are a leader. You are VERY loving and fucking amazing role model. You have a huge heart and you can tell just by reading the first couple sentences of your application that you are loving. But I feel like that could be a con for you. Most likely if you were in the position of deputy overseer you would be very biased. Anytime I see an application. Either if it's for JB or any server or department. If it's someone you know or talked to for a small period of time. You would always +1 no matter what. I've honestly never seen you -1 an app unless it some clueless kid applying for JB with 1 word per question. You being a loving person would definitely get to the best of you. Because obviously dep overseer help accepting apps and promoting players on the server. You would prob feel bad for not putting one of the members in a higher staff position instead of staying mod or something. Its definitely not a good thing if you rush someone's promotion because it could make the person feel like. "Hey I'm getting promoted hella fast. I don't gotta worry bout getting demoted. My mans bork got my back.” And that would lead to him not appreciating his position and lead to abuse of power. Next thing you know your tryna back up an abusive staff member and let him feel like he a fucking king and shit. I honestly love how you get along with everyone in this community. But I'd say super admin is the perfect position for you at the moment. Love you <3
  4. Ah you know it's kinda hard to watch the video while YOU KEEP FUCKING MOVING AROUND.. next time get a good angle and stop and lemme watch the damn video dawg
  5. Swiss, you went from being my little officer I was training. To being a big boy. My little officer making moves out here ;-; I'm proud of you so- I mean Swiss im not in any position to +1 or -1 since I haven't been too active within the community. But you definitely are dedicated to jailbreak and I believe you would be passionate enough for this position. I luv u Swiss.. just don't become a jerk after getting accepted ;-;
  6. hi

    1. KiNG


      Wanna fuck?  I'm horny ;) 

    2. PassTheAux


      is this one of those ads on the free games?

  7. I, I love you like a love song baby. I, I love you like a love song baby. I, I love you like a love song babyyyyyy. And I keep beeping like a beep beep beeping. 

    1. StarKiller


      I think pakistan messed up your head

    2. KiNG


      Hey M8 FUK OFF leave Pakistan out of this. For anything I think all that brisk you drink messed you up dawggo 

  8. How do racial slurs come out of your fucking fingers lmfao
  9. The only rank I'll ever want and work my hardest for is commander. I had it once, and I'll get it again.
  10. Happy day of your birth, Kou! 

    1. Lil' Poof

      Lil' Poof

      I’m officially a big bo- Girl! :D

  11. Your not really sorry if you don't face reveal @Savage Boi
  12. 1 week from today. I'm flying back. YAY 

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    2. Ryan


      :( nah nah take ur time… (its just a prank)

    3. Adrian


      OK so in one weeks time you’ll be referred to as flying back. YAY

    4. KiNG
  13. NOOOOO FUUUUCKKKKKK!!!! Pls no dad ;-;-;;;-;;-;-;-;-;;-;-
  14. Oh god.. fluwffy 2.0 ur prob gonna get co ow.. oh wait, there isn't co owner anymore.. :/ Ashley 2.0 well for your birthday you will get owner.. then heli will "forget" that he gave you owner for your birthday and you'll have it for a week. But if you apply for staff your most likely to get a high rank.. if you be inactive for 5 months while you have that rank.. you still won't be demoted.. just pop in once a month and your all good Welcome tho