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  1. Sounds like heli.. but the dick sucking they gave to get that rank has expired.
  2. Here are my final goodbyes to anyone who I didn't say goodbye to on TS


    I will be seeing all of yous in 2 months..


    I love you hearthigen! <3

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Oranges


      I will remember you.:37_disappointed:

    3. Ryan
    4. StarKiller


      It's been real, good luck out there dude. Hope you enjoy your trip. :'(

      Side notes:

      Your bad kid

      Filthy Canadian 

      What are you Joshin me?!?

      Get Semi Coloned!!

      Have you met Mr. Lister?

      TF is a corn wall?

      OH yeah, since your leaving you should confess your luv 2 fluff :P

  3. Flight leaves today at 11:00 PM saying my final goodbyes ;-;

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    2. KiNG
    3. Asriel


      King finally gonna hit that

    4. Lil' Poof

      Lil' Poof

      Oh shit 👀👀

      Bye king, I don't get why you're saying your final goodbyes but I hope you stay safe. 

  4. "I'm not council. I'm C" - Lazy120 2K17


    "I'm not TTT certified. I'm community certified" - Lazy120 2K17


  5. nu its not fixed! ;-;
  6. Welcome, our newest family member to the Hearthigen Embassy! @Watchout59 @Goobygoober @♠║ Cooky ║♠ @Operation Bork @Jacob @Aloysius O'Hare @TGC @popdog7 @SIK ICE @Lincoln @Michael @Rada @BrightHammer @Yoshi We hope to see you all on our servers very soon! You can also come and talk to our players/staff on TeamSpeak @ ts.hearthigen.com!
  7. Happy birthday!

  8. Will this be anonymous like last time? Will we be able to vote?
  9. Rip.. Mk
  10. B-b-but I tried and it didn't work... Nvm.. :/
  11. I mean it was... It would be nice if the staff had access to !stopsounds like in JB.. Cuz I had to disconnect and come back cuz that stupid sound wouldn't stop.. and most players ask the admins to stop sounds for them..
  12. I like the spider man meme xD

    1. Spiderman


      Everyone does

  13. m8 I did do stopsound.. Well see.. you could of rated it "ABC" since it was bad spelling.. But nah m8.. You rate it disagree since u tryna bring ma down.. Or even "...huh"