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  1. May i apply for JailBreak overseer? Mr.Heliuxen <3
  2. mr Heliuxen can i recieve my trusted or hgen rank please? on JailBreak i love you <3 for you are my god XD
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    2. Jesus


      what do you mean
    3. Jesus


      Heliuxen can i recieve my hgen member rank or trusted rank
  3. Penoos Welcome to the forums mate! Nice to meet you my name is Penoos (liam). As a member and staff member I am happy to answer any questions you may have and help your wherever you need, as will any other member/staff! Enjoy your stay!
    1. Jesus


      i requested to join an officer on the server, just curious but when can the application have a full submition and how fast can i get me results