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  1. Hi Mr. Heliuxen, I want to know how do I become a officer on the server
    1. D_Cheese

  2. Please Help me i want to become a officer
    1. |DG|Keemstar


      You need admin+ references and you need to be a member
    2. NachosGaming//N'sGaming


      I'm a member I just need to find a link to of officer forums
    3. |DG|Keemstar


      Well no. You need 5 admin+ references get on TeamSpeak3 and talk with them so they can give their reference
  3. Welcome to the Forums!
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    2. NachosGaming//N'sGaming


      How do I become officer?
    3. Killer Memestar

      Killer Memestar

      First apply for member in the Application Forms Then apply for Officer in the same area.
    4. NachosGaming//N'sGaming