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  1. You're doing a great job! keep it up!
  2. You're doing a great job! keep it up!
  3. You smart, you loyal, you’re grateful. I appreciate that.
  4. Important

    Congrats to all you Weeaboo's! Dont fuq it up!
  5. I think that im gonna go with... [USER=1226]@JamesIsMyName[/USER] He is on often and plays on the servers about as often
  6. Hero of the Week

    [USER=1248]@Powernig[/USER] Is active AND likes keemstar. follows the rules and gets along with staff
  7. Staff of the Week

    [USER=1108]@TheDuckAlex[/USER] because he is helpful on JB and is always on :D
  8. Welcome to the community! Happy to have you! ^ ^ I am Zoey, and be sure to ask if you need something.