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  1. see ya mang
  2. so i was trying to change my status for like two weeks and I wasn't able to xD

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    2. CrossBoy


      My first thought was to click right here:


      I tried clicking all around there, but I wasn't able to change it.

    3. Heliuxen


      Strange! Glad it works now :)

    4. CrossBoy


      I believe I worded that strangely. I tried clicking there, but am still unable to change it.

  3. vote

    I like almost all of them :3
  4. Important

    However, if one of them was corrupted or etc, then that would be the best bet.
  5. Important

    Or just diable all of them. It should auto download when you join. Just try disabling all fo them and delete the stuff in addons.
  6. Important

    Well that helps a lot actually. I'll need you to check something. Join any server that doesn't have Atlas Chat or the Pointshop, like one with the default chatbox or a different one. See if it works there. It may be the specific font used, although it may be different.
  7. Important

    Always is the obvious answer, but I always say it. Did you try Verifying The Integrity of the Game Cache?