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  1. Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay! Dont hesitate to message a forum staff member if you have any questions or conserns. To apply for member please look at this. Also join our TeamSpeak @
  2. [B]General Information[/B] [B]Current Rank:[/B] [COLOR="red"]Trusted i think [/COLOR] [B]Name you want to be called:[/B] [COLOR="red"]Bob Derik [/COLOR] [B]Ambitions as a Staff:[/B] [COLOR="red"]Owner, I'm joking well i would like to get some were high up in the rank hierarchy. i like to organise things and be the leader of the pack. If i became staff i would like to get admiral. [/COLOR] [B]Why you became a Staff:[/B] [COLOR="red"]Well i love to moderator things and swat off rule breakers and i love to make it fun. the main reason i would like t become staff is to have fun, E.G admin games (if you can do it) [/COLOR] [B]Rank you wish to achieve (reasonably):[/B] [COLOR="red"]Admiral [/COLOR] [B]Anything else about you:[/B] [COLOR="red"]I do Australian navy cadets and i am the 3rd highest rank. [/COLOR]