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  1. What time is the event?
  2. Here’s my list: Skyrim Borderlands 2 Call of Duty: World at War Batman: Arkham Asylum Dark Souls 3
  3. nah we are in quebec. guilty until proven innocent.
  4. damb it

  5. Does your name match on all of our servers?: Yes Are you staff In our community?: No If you are staff, what's your rank?: Why do you want to be apart of the TS staff department?: I would like to be a part of the teamspeak staff because I was in it before I retired, and I would love to help out the HGEN teamspeak more. I als would like to be a part of it so I feel like I have use in the community again. What skills can you bring to the TS staff department?: I can bring my knowledge of the teamspeak permissions and everything to the department, and I was personally trained by SCOTSChief, so I know quite a bit about it. I can also help by making sure that there are no TS rule breakers, and help accept/deny channel requests, and help to get on top of them. I can manage most permissions, and know what most of them do, and I can make channels with different types of permissions. What makes you a better choice than other candidates that have applied for this position?: I am a better choice, as I was Teamspeak staff before I retired (manager mind you) so I think that I could get another shot at it. I think I can also be helpful to the Teamspeak staff/regular staff by helping with the rule breakers and channels. Have you ever been banned within Hearthigen? If you have then explain why :: Nope. How long are you normally on TS per week?: About 40-50 hours a week. Do you have an app void if so from whom?: No. By agreeing to this you agree that at any time your rank can be revoked at any time without any notice beforehand. You also are agreeing to uphold the community and TS rule for the Hearthigen community, respect others within the community, and to do your job as a ts staff member to the best of your ability. : Yes
  6. i love you

    1. damb it

      damb it

      love you too

  7. Thanks guys! (May even come back to staff)
  8. Hi, some of you may know me (unsuprised) but I am back! Not forever, but for a little while at least. I was Bill Nye, Grand Viceroy of Hearthigen, but now I’m (hopefully) damb it, Retired old fart of Hearthigen.