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  1. Don't forget that you are special and needed in this community, Even if it feels like if you left no one would notice, trust me, some would!
  2. going to get banned from fanfic forums
  3. i stole your signatures likeness sue me.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome.
  5. Hello! I am 420 Liver, I am a unidentified aged [SIZE=3]male[/SIZE] that lives in [I]Canada.[/I] I enjoy playing DarkRP and Jailbreak. I do smoke a weed every day. Limp bizkit is the best musician. And I jack off to Archthious and Watermelon© every night. This post is to introduce my self to the forums and I have to have a long and eventful life here. Or die tomorrow. Either one. [SIZE=6][I]:^)[/I][/SIZE]
  6. Welcome!
  7. Welcome to the forums! If you need anything, feel free to contact forum staff. You can sign up for member here: http://hearthigen.com/index.php?forums/member-applications.24/ We hope you enjoy your stay! We also have a teamspeak @ ts.hearthigen.com